I could hardly contain my excitement.

My first article for a large online publication had just been released, and I couldn’t wait to see my words in all their pixel glory. With one click of the mouse, my elation quickly turned to disappointment.

My piece was published, but my name was not.

There was no byline noting me as the author. I couldn’t believe I had worked so hard on that piece, yet no one would ever know I had written it. Discouraged, I immediately called my husband to share the news. He already read the piece and saw that the byline was missing, but reacted much differently than I did.

“Your name wasn’t listed, but Jesus’ name was written all throughout it,” he said. “Did you write it for you to be seen or for Him to be seen?”

Ouch. If I’m being honest, my answer is both. I work for God, but more often than I’d like to admit, my actions are driven by the selfish desire to be noticed, applauded, and recognized by other people.

This was an excerpt of a piece I wrote for my friend Mandy Johnson’s blog. To continue reading visit https://www.mandycjohnson.com/post/would-you-rather