So many of us wish the world was a better place, but often feel it is a hopeless and impossible reality.

In my times of struggle with this, I am reminded of what we are all called to do as Christians.

“My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.” ~ Jesus

Jesus was a living example of God’s love as we are to be living examples of Jesus’s love.

My vision and heart are to help and encourage women to DO something to manifest the better world we all want to see, first by filling ourselves up with the love of Jesus Christ, and then pouring it out to the rest of the world.

Together, we can make a difference through The Love Offering.

There is need all around us. If we are honest, we too have need. Loneliness, depression, illness, poverty, orphans, widows, hunger, stress and fear abound.

God has given each of us special gifts and has placed us in specific areas at this specific time with specific people. We can choose to make a positive difference in another’s life for the glory of God. We can choose to love despite our inadequacies, our feelings and the enormity of the problems that surround us.

We can choose to open our eyes, ears and hearts and use our mouths, hands and feet. God can use our love offerings of obedience to impact the world around us. Sharing God’s love in tangible ways is why we were created.

Together, we inspire a generation to change this world one love offering at a time!

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Need A Love Offering? How Can I Pray For You?

Monthly Love Offering Opportunity

#LoveOfferings in Action

Snacks for the hospital staff, patients, and waiting room to enjoy. 

Princess Prom Project: Free dresses, shoes, jewelry, and makeup for girls going to Prom

Pack the Pantry

Corrie’s Pajama Drive for sick children in the hospital

McAlpin Family Africa Mission

Rick and Tracey Martin with Rhema Egypt Mission

Will Muse and Music for Wishes

“Music for Wishes offers dinner, a concert and silent auction. Since the first event in 2017, over $50,000 has been raised for the Make a Wish foundation to help grant wishes for local children with critical illnesses. The 2017 and 2018 events would not have been possible without the outpouring of love and support from our giving community, donors and wonderful volunteers. Will’s goal is to make Music for Wishes an annual event and to continue to grow and increase awareness in our community regarding the Make a Wish foundation. Will has expressed that there is no better feeling than being able to make a positive impact on others.”

Blessing Bag for the Homeless

Handing Out Waters to 5K Racers

Clif Drew and Victor Catalino Gathering Hurricane Relief Aid

Project 58:10 “Back Pack Ministry” For Feeding Children

Jody Keck and Upper Room Ministries

Kenya Missions: Tabitha Picard 

Eleuthera Island Mission Trip: Christi Henderson and a young girl named Love!

Bake Sale – All money earned to purchase school supplies to donate

Emily Fox and Forget the Frock

Heather Massey and Make A Place

London Missions: Julie Branscum Peterson 

“I learned so much from this experience and one of the many things I have taken away from it is to be kind. We are all different. We all have different beliefs. Just because we are different, doesn’t make it right to be rude or disrespectful. If someone has the courage to share something with me (whether it’s a product being sold in a mall, or a different religious belief) I will be kind to them, even if I don’t agree with them.”

Somerset Foundation: Virginia Dick

Decorating bedrooms and bathrooms for the Skye Hope Women’s Center


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