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Help women like you discover a life of significance & purpose through Christ

I’m Rachael Adams

Author, Speaker, and Host of The Love Offering Podcast

I was once a stay-at-home who struggled to believe that my life was truly significant. I was told my work was important, but in a sea of mundane tasks, it certainly didn’t feel true.

But then, God started to work in my life.

I began to find fulfillment, significance, and purpose. Not because my circumstances changed, but because my heart did.

Now every week on my podcast, I share the encouraging and inspiring stories of other women who are dedicated to living out their faith in God and believing their offering matters.

My devotional, “A Little Goes A Long Way,” is available at major retailers like Amazon, BAM, and Barnes & Noble!

The Love Offering Podcast

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S5E45 Show Notes: A Little Healing Goes a Long Way with Rachel Wojo

S5E45 Show Notes: A Little Healing Goes a Long Way with Rachel Wojo

Life often sends hard things our way: illness, financial struggles, broken relationships, and so many kinds of loss. Sometimes we can’t imagine a way forward. So how do we keep going when everything is going wrong? Rachel Wojo is on the show today, sharing how hope...

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