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Help women like you discover a life of significance & purpose through Christ

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In these fifty-two devotionals, I explore the truth that every little thing you do can go a long way in God’s hands. Together, we'll discover how partnering with God unlocks the eternal significance of the smallest act.

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I’m Rachael Adams

Author, Speaker, and Host of The Love Offering Podcast

I was once a stay-at-home who struggled to believe that my life was truly significant. I was told my work was important, but in a sea of mundane tasks, it certainly didn’t feel true.

But then, God started to work in my life.

I began to find fulfillment, significance, and purpose. Not because my circumstances changed, but because my heart did.

Now every week on my podcast, I share the encouraging and inspiring stories of other women who are dedicated to living out their faith in God and believing their offering matters.

My first devotional, “A Little Goes A Long Way,” is releasing October 2022!

The Love Offering Podcast

Recent Episodes

Bonus Episode: Consider the Lillies with Shari Rigby

Bonus Episode: Consider the Lillies with Shari Rigby

As women in today’s world, we face extraordinary pressure to pursue a great calling and perform to prove our worth. This pressure breeds anxiety, and we often find ourselves “toiling and spinning,” as Jesus described. After striving to find purpose in the competitive...

S4E38 Show Notes: Your Second Chapter with Vera Holloway

S4E38 Show Notes: Your Second Chapter with Vera Holloway

No one gets to write the first chapter of their lives. But everyone gets to write their second chapter. From birth, chapter one is written for us by those that have control. For some, that chapter is good, right, and positive. Thus, those people have a good foundation...

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