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Being a small town southern girl, I wish I could hand you a sweet tea, sit down on the porch swing and chat a while.

But for now this will have to do. God has chosen to intersect our lives. Like fabrics connected on a quilt, he weaves our stories together. Connecting us. Using us. Patches, frays, tears and all. Creating something beautiful. I’m so thankful he has woven us into each other’s life journey!

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Podcast Inquries

Podcast guests are typically invite only, but. if you’re interested in coming on the show, please fill out the contact form with information about your business, book, ministry or idea. Please note that a response cannot be guaranteed.

Guest Writer Inquries

Please submit an original devotion of around 500 words with at least one Scripture woven into the piece. Due to the high volume of submissions, not all will be selected for publication. There is no paid compensation for participation.

Collaborations & Sponsorships

Fill out the form with as much information as possible regarding your business, book, ministry, etc. Let me know how the promotion will serve the Love Offering community. Due to the volume of requests, a response cannot be guaranteed.