The Love Offering podcast series showcases people who are living out the Gospel message by sharing God’s love in tangible ways with the world around them. My prayer is through our conversations, our generation is inspired to DO something to manifest the better world we dream about. As we celebrate extraordinary givers, I pray it catalyzes us spread the Gospel around the world. 

Episode 1

Join me as I share my story, the inspiration behind The Love Offering, and why I am so passionate about this project.

Episode 4

Judging by the amount of “uh huhs” I voice in this episode, I obviously wholeheartedly agree with my inspiring guest Colene Elridge. Get your notebook and pen ready, Coach Colene has amazing wisdom and motivation coming your way!


Episode 7

Take a seat at the family table and join in as we discuss being a pastor’s wife, dreaming big, and blooming where you are planted.

Episode 10

Join us as we go deep and bring the topic of shame to the light. I pray through listening you move from hiding into healing.

Episode 13

Kristin guides us to live a whole and holy life. Join us as we chat about getting creative, enjoying God’s word, and living from a place of abundance.

Episode 16

Kristin gives us the Bare Naked Truth. She helps us to awaken a real faith in a real world. She brought me to tears in my own awakening. I pray our conversation does the same for you.

Episode 19

Erin is passionate about equipping women and the young girls in their lives to follow God’s call. If you have a young woman in your life that you are influencing, this podcast is for you.

Episode 2

Join us for a conversation with writer Paige McQueen Eavenson about life not going as planned and life after transplant.

Episode 5

I have the engaging Emily Fox as my guest this week. Join us as we discuss the importance of community, Forget the Frock, IF:Gathering, and Down Syndrome. 

Episode 8

Together we chat about how to stop feeling stuck and experience lasting freedom. Join us as we go deeper than just small talk. Tune in to discover a breakthrough of your own.


Episode 11

Join us as we discuss working in the school system with young people, miracles and the power of prayer, the peace that passes all understanding, and stepping up to serve. I have no doubt you’ll love her heart as much as I do.

Episode 14

Leslie brings me to tears and makes me laugh all in one episode. She was a divine appointment once for me at a time I needed it most and I pray our conversation is a divine appointment for you too.

Episode 17

The humble Rachael Gilbert is on today’s episode cheering us on to let go of fear and chase after our God given dreams.

Episode 3

Join us for a conversation with writer Amy Debrucque about motherhood, finding hope in grief, and living live in the present. 

Episode 6

You will be encouraged to give right where you are with the gifts you have been given. As Brenda shares in today’s episode, any act of love can make a difference.

Episode 9

I have the Crazy Blessed Mom, Rebecca Measel on today’s episode. Join us as we talk about finding God in the everyday.


Episode 12

Erin is both real and remarkable. Her humility is inspiring and her joy is contagious. I hope you tune in and discover truth to apply to your own life as I was able to for mine.


Episode 15

We are talking about anxiety on this episode. Join us as we find peace in our mental storms.


Episode 18

Katie gives doers freedom from our perfectionist tendencies. Join us as we learn to exchange try hard striving for hope filled freedom.