What will we do with the Easter story?

Just like the disciples, Jesus wants us to come and see for ourselves that the tomb is empty and He has risen (Matthew 28:6)! He is alive! And now we too can experience His presence and love.

But we can’t keep this belief in our hearts alone. We can’t keep this as a story in the pages of our Bibles. Once we see Him for ourselves He then tells us to go and tell of the hope and life we have found (Matthew 28:16).

I find it interesting that after the resurrection even the disciples needed to see living, loving Jesus in their midst to believe. How much more do we need today? Jesus said, blessed are those who haven’t seen and still believe (John 20:29). But what if the presence of living, loving Christians helped people believe? They may not see Him, but they can see Him in us.

We have a part in this Easter story. Jesus fulfilled His promise and now it’s time to fulfill ours. Is our faith dead or alive? Jesus rose to the occasion. Now it’s our turn to rise!