I imagine the silence was deafening that day between Jesus’ death and resurrection. The disciples’ hearts must have been filled with doubt and sorrow on silent Saturday. Every hopeful promise they clung to was buried in the tomb.

Life feels the same way sometimes, doesn’t it? Our hopes and dreams seem lost. We beg God to answer our prayers. Pleading for Him to intervene. Waiting for Him to move. And silence.

But all the while, He was working. When we didn’t see it. When we couldn’t feel it. He was fulfilling His promise then and He will fulfill them now. At just the right time.

Whatever seems buried and lost is soon to be resurrected. Silence the doubt and surrender to the silence of the Savior. Everything may seem like it is on hold, but all the while He is holding you. This divine delay is preparing you for the stone to be rolled away to reveal His perfect plan all along. Keep hoping friend because with Him the best is yet to come!