How Interruptible are You? By Darcie Fuqua

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“At once, Jesus realized that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and asked, ‘Who touched my clothes?'” (Mark 5:30, NIV)


As I sat down to write these words, my six-pound ball of fur stared at me with big puppy eyes, rapidly swept her tail back and forth on the floor, and whimpered in the cutest yet most annoying way.


“Not now, I’m busy,” I firmly told her.  


Determined, my dog increased the pitch of her incessant whimper. I shot her the look that moms of young boys expertly know how to give from across a public room. Unfazed by “the mom look,” she took it up a notch and placed her one-inch paws on my calf muscle, her tail now flying at the speed of light. 


“Oh, okay!” I swiveled my chair, scooped her up, and petted her soft fur for a minute. Satisfied, she strutted to bed and settled in for a nap. I placed my hands on the keyboard again, laughing as I realized the Holy Spirit had given me the perfect introduction to this piece I struggled to write but had prayed over. 


We could all be better at interrupting our schedules or putting down the phone to take notice of someone, especially in our homes. Many adults and children aren’t good at asking for our attention like a spoiled house dog. And at a certain point, after many failed attempts, the ones trying to get someone to notice them give up. 


I recently read a sobering study about people who have contemplated suicide. Many confessed that they only chose to live because they didn’t know who would care for their pet when they were gone. Friend, I’ve been lonely before, but it is heartbreaking to fathom the emptiness someone experiences to think only their beloved pet cares for them. 


I imagine the unnamed lady who had a hemorrhage disease for twelve years felt this kind of loneliness, considering Jewish law declared her ceremonially unclean, which also meant anyone she touched would be regarded as unclean. She knew lonely well. Many have heard this popular Bible story of miraculous healing (Mark 5:25-29). Still, I want to focus on one brief part of the narrative when Jesus stops to ask, “Who touched my clothes?” 


Jesus was on His way to Jairus’s house to place healing hands on a dying young girl. That was a rather critical mission that perhaps required running. But Jesus paused after feeling the healing power that had gone out when the woman touched his robe. The disciples thought Jesus’s question was ridiculous, given the surrounding crowd pressing into Jesus. Jesus, in all of His divinity, already knew who He had healed. Still, He intentionally acknowledged her presence and gave her the name of Daughter when she fell at His feet, trembling (v. 30-34). 


Jesus was a busy man, in high demand, who walked at the pace of three miles per hour during His short years in earthly ministry. Yet, He paused. Jesus had the gift of being highly interruptible and intentionally noticed the unnoticeable.



We tend to overcomplicate our Kingdom work and underestimate our earthly impact. You and I already have a lot to offer humanity in need of nurturing. It starts with pausing and looking at someone like they aren’t just another dot in a world of eight billion humans. Being interruptible is a gift not only to others longing for adoration but also for the treasures companionship stores in our hearts. 


We can never be too slow or fast to interfere with what God has ordained, but we can be too distracted to miss all the souls in our path longing to be seen. It’s akin to the old adage of “stopping and smelling the roses.” We must slow down to relish in the beauty abounding in this life. Our job is to lean into the guidance of the Holy Spirit and radiate the light that only the living Christ within us can. 


Our message is simple: There is a God who will never leave you and loves you more than you could ever comprehend. We convey this message with a gesture that says, “I see you. But more importantly, He sees you.” 


About the Author:

Darcie Fuqua is an Auburn Grad (War Eagle!), Christian blogger, and mental health advocate. She is from the deep south of Alabama, where she resides with her husband, two energetic, fun-loving boys, her beautiful niece Amanda, and her dog named Cinnamon. She loves sinking her toes in the sand, cuddling with her boys, and having great conversations over a table of good food.


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