A significant life is simpler (and smaller) than you think.

If you are longing for significance and questioning whether your contributions matter,

I hope to help you realize how important what you do is and how significant you truly are.

It isn’t about doing more but trusting in the value of all the little you are already doing.

Grab your copy of A Little Goes a Long Way and watch God take your everyday actions and transform them for His eternal purposes.

A significant life is simpler (and smaller) than you think.

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"If you've ever felt pressure to do more, go bigger, or try harder, then this book will help you breathe a sigh of relief.

Rachael shares the truth that every hurried overwhelmed heart needs to find more peace, contentment, and holy confidence.”

 Holly Gerth

Wall Street Journal best-selling author and cofounder of The Potentialist Agency

"A Little Goes a Long Way is delightful, strong, and filled with insights from Scripture...

I was reminded that although my life might seem little most days, God is at work making something magnificent out of my ordinary!”

 Carol Mcleod,

best-selling author, Bible teacher, TV host, podcaster, and blogger

"In A Little Goes a Long Way, we are continually reminded of God's love for us.

Where we bring a little, he gives us everything. Rachael beautifully shows us that God uses every “little” thing we do for his glory.”

Alli Worthington,

Author of Remaining You While Raising Them

Hi, I’m Rachael!

My writing and podcasting journey began when I was sitting in church and saw a love offering envelope in the pew in front of me.

I sensed the Lord whispering to my heart that, metaphorically speaking, we are his love offerings to the world.

So, I began having conversations with women who were living faithfully and loving the world around them in practical and tangible ways.

Through the conversations I have had and through my own personal experience, I discovered many of us don’t believe our contributions or offerings matter.

It is my hope this devotional and my ministry can change this narrative.

That women will be encouraged and realize their God-given purpose and believe their lives are significant to his kingdom.

In God’s hands, small acts done with great love can have an enormous impact.