Still Blooming: Staying Faithful and Blossoming in Midlife and Beyond by Laura Acuña

by | Apr 11, 2024 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

In my mind, I’m still 35 years old. I am actually 65, but I am often lulled into believing I have a long runway ahead of me with plenty of years left to fly.


Even though I try to avoid thinking about my age, my brain won’t let me stay in denial very long and reminds me of my true timeline. Pat and I have been married for forty years. I’m the mother of three grown sons, mother-in-law to precious Angela, and ‘Nonie’ to my beloved granddaughter, Evie. 


How did this happen? How did the years evaporate so fast? How did I become so old? 


Our midlife and later years bring both joy and loss. Our parents depart, we retire, and our children grow past the days of snuggles on the couch and Saturday morning cartoons. The years of school, college, and launching are finished. Those days are long gone – it’s a new day. 


As a coach, I know transitions are often accompanied by fear. 


Honestly, one fear lurking in my mind is this: After decades of long (imperfect) obedience, painful lessons learned, the breathtaking years of God’s healing and restoration, and the fruitfulness that was hard fought, what if my voice is no longer valued?


The enemy uses fear to paralyze us. Why wouldn’t he chase after us in our middle age? Perhaps our voices are a threat to his plan.  


Sweet sisters, wisdom, a variety of life experiences, and longevity are all gifts from our faithful Father. If we are still breathing, there is no expiration date on our calling.   


Here’s what the Holy Spirit has been whispering to ease my fears:


 “Laura, you can go kicking and screaming into what could be one of the most fruitful seasons of your life, or you can surrender to what I have for you in the years ahead. You can spend your remaining years trying to hold on to what has passed or choose to look forward and embrace the plan I still have for your life. These are the legacy years. You can leave a legacy of fear or a legacy of trust.”  


Even though there are hard parts to the aging journey, I’m choosing the latter. I want to leave a legacy of faith and trust. I want to continue to use my voice. I am learning to move forward with open hands, trusting the Father.


Since my youth, God, you have taught me,
and to this day, I declare your marvelous deeds.
Even when I am old and gray,
do not forsake me, my God,
till I declare your power to the next generation,
your mighty acts to all who are to come. Psalm 71:17-18


OK, I admit I don’t care for the “old and gray” part of this Scripture! Sigh. But here’s the truth…


If He was faithful before – and He was – He will be faithful now. If He produced good fruit in our lives in years gone by – and He did – He will continue to grow good fruit until He brings us home. 


Let’s stick with His plan. 

Let’s use our voices. 

And, at the end our runways, may He find us still blooming. 



About the Author:

Laura Acuña is a speaker, author, Bible teacher, and coach. She’s served as a women’s ministry leader for over 22 years. A graduate of Liberty University, she earned a degree in Christian Counseling and a minor in Biblical Studies. She co-founded Sisters In Faith Ministries, a non-profit ministry to women in the Damascus, Maryland, area. Married to Pat, the two have three sons and one daughter-in-law. They became first-time grandparents in July 2021.


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