Show Notes S6E15: Brave Love with Juli Boit

by | Apr 9, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

What does it look like to love in this situation? As a mother to children navigating chronic illness and a guiding beacon in healthcare leadership, Juli Boit beckons us to shatter the chains of injustice and embrace the limitless realm of mercy.


In today’s episode, Juli shares about her transformative hospice leadership in Kenya. Her story challenges us to fine-tune our listening, to confront our doubts fearlessly, and to recognize the shared humanity that binds us together wholeheartedly.


Through her book Brave Love, a profound revelation unfolds: love is an ever-evolving journey. Her life invites and compels us to embrace discomfort, reimagine our perspectives, and resoundingly answer love’s transformative call with unswerving compassion. In a world fractured by divisions, join us to love bravely.



What does it look like to love in this situation?

What would love look like?


Brave is doing something scary and uncomfortable.


What would it mean to try?


Excellence and compassion go hand in hand.


It was two babies God put in front of us first.


Love is both costly and worth it.


Jesus is the Savior. It cost Jesus a lot to love us.

Love is not limited to a location.


We have an invitation to pay attention to our neighborhoods.


Look for the person in front of you.


We need to give and receive love.


Mourning and dancing don’t always take turns. We need to make room for both.


We were made to love and be loved.


No one should die alone.


God measures differently. Even if something stays small, it is still significant.


God’s dreams were bigger than my dreams.


Be faithful to what is in front of you.


There is a confidence in his loving kindness that is not dependent on an outcome.


If God takes care of the birds, He will take care of us.


Micah 6:8


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