I love reading success stories, don’t you? There’s something so inspiring and hopeful about seeing people live out their dreams and attain their goals. As we aspire to succeed in our own lives we look to them to see what they did well so we can emulate their actions to attain the same.

The Bible is full of success stories. Maybe not in the earthly way we view success, but certainly from a heavenly perspective. Hebrews 11 is one of the best synopses to summarize the lives of those who were successful in our spiritual heritage. It is often called Faith’s Hall of Fame because it celebrates the lives of those who were commended for their faith. Isn’t this what we desire? To be commended for our faith?

As I was reading through this chapter recently, I underlined every action word that followed faith. Abel offered, Enoch took, Noah built, Abraham obeyed and went, Isaac and Jacob blessed, Moses persevered, Joshua marched, Rahab welcomed, others conquered, administered, shut, quenched, escaped, and faced. They were commended for their faith in action.

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