Pastors’ Wives Tell All with Jessica Taylor, Jenna Allen, & Stephanie Gilbert

by | Apr 30, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

In a world that expects near perfection from people in ministry, it is hard to be honest about the struggles of being a pastor’s wife or a woman in ministry–let alone have a sense of humor about it!


Jessica Taylor, Stephanie Gilbert, and Jenna Allen are on the show, sharing a safe place for pastors’ wives and women in ministry to be their most authentic selves.


Join us as we address how to smash stereotypes, deal with marital issues, make friends, and overcome parenting anxiety.  They remind pastors’ wives (and the people in their congregations) that God doesn’t expect them to be superhuman.


If you’re a pastor’s wife–by calling, by choice, or by circumstance–you’ll find relief, renewal, and refreshment in today’s episode.



God can use anybody to bring Him glory.


Why do I care so much about what other people think?


Jesus is the only one that can tell me who I am.


When we get so busy doing things for the Lord, we forget to be with Him.


The enemy at work. We are in constant battle.


If Jesus was hated, we will be hated. If the enemy attacked Jesus, we will be attacked.


If we were perfect, we wouldn’t need God.


We have to know who we are to walk in our calling.


Matthew18 principle


Church has become consumer-driven.


God has called you to be a body of believers.


Look to serve rather than be served.


Do ministry in Jesus’ name, not our name.


We need community.


There is no perfect church.


You are a vital part of the body.


Speak truth in love.


You are loved.


Everything we do is to glorify God.


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