Making a House a Home with Myquillyn Smith

by | May 7, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

You want to create a beautiful, livable home, but you feel stuck. House Rules is your guide to understanding why some rooms look great and other rooms don’t look quite right.


The Nester Myquillyn Smith is on the show sharing memorable, universal decorating truths that apply to every house, style, and budget. By guiding you to do what you know, use what you have, and finish what you started. Join us to:


· understand why you love (or don’t love) your spaces

· develop confidence to make rewarding decisions that feel risky

· find satisfaction with small wins that combine to create big changes

· receive inspiration and motivation resulting in finished, personalized rooms


Learn how to make better decorating decisions with ease. Today’s episode is packed full of simple, encouraging truths and quick takeaways for you to implement into your home immediately.


We were created in the image of a creative God who loves beauty.


Environment is the invisible hand that shapes human behavior.


Imperfections put people at ease.


Connection is the main purpose of our homes.


Decorating begins in your head.


We do not long to be impressed; we long to feel welcome.


Hospitality is a form of trust.


Baby steps your way into hosting.


You’ll never be perfectly ready.


It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.


Break the rules because it will be better, not because you don’t know better.


Learn the rules, then break them.


Collections should be grouped and displayed.


Our homes change with us.


Nothing adds to the soul of your home like furniture with a history.


Seating, surfaces, and storage.


Everything has a cost. Money is not the only way to pay.


Every room I liked had three things: rugs, curtains, and layers of lighting.


I was so worried about spending money that I wasted money.


Our homes should be the safest place to take a risk.


You can’t ruin something you already hate.


Every wall doesn’t have to be full.


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