Faith that Changes Everything by Cayce Fletcher

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My heart beat loudly in my ears. 


I had been praying for this moment for so long, years in fact, but I still was shaking as I timidly walked towards the door for a conversation that would begin a completely new chapter in my life. 


For several years, I worked as a teacher. Through those years, I prayed over and over again: “Lord, what would you have me do?” I felt conflicted, torn in half at times. Should I stay home with my young children? Should I keep working? Can I make this work? Why do I feel spread so thin?


Earlier that morning with a steaming cup of coffee in one hand, I opened up my bible to the story of Abram (who would later be called Abraham). A descendant of the chosen, righteous line of Seth, the story of Abram begins when he follows his father Terah to the land of Canaan. The Bible is never really clear about why Terah left to head that way or whether Terah believed in God. In either case, Terah never made it. He settled in Haran with his family and died there at a ripe old age. 


Genesis 12 begins with God commanding Abram to leave his family in Haran and go to the land he was shown, which turned out to be the land of Canaan. In this Promised Land, Abram settles down and builds altar after altar to the Lord. He is faithful. 


But, it seems like God is not. By Genesis 15, Abram is childless and fearful. He had just gotten in a battle with some of the Kings of the land of Canaan, and now, he was afraid they would come and seek revenge. God comforts Abram at this time and tells him “Fear not, I am your sword and your shield. Your reward shall be very great” (v. 1). 


Abram was confused. Why should he care about a reward if he has no heir to pass it on to? God promises him that his descendants will be as numerous as the stars of the sky. And, “Abram believed God and he counted it him as righteousness” (Genesis 15:6). 


Oh to have faith like Abraham. To walk forward ready to believe in God’s promises.

Abraham’s story is striking for 3 reasons: 

– He acted in obedience before ever really understanding what the final goal would be. He simply did the next right thing in faith.

– He worshipped God every step of the way, in the good times and in the bad. 

– His righteousness was based on faith and faith alone. Because he trusted in God, he received the greatest reward, a relationship with God himself. 


I wrestled with my decision to stay home or continue working, but as I looked my boss in the eye and told him my plans, a peace came over me. 


Yes, I may not know the direction of my life, or what land to which God will lead me. I may look and ask, “How? How can this be? What will be the outcome?” 


But, I can trust in the final promise, the hope of glory in the kingdom of heaven. I can trust in my eternal reward. This I believe is counted to me as righteousness as well. And so, I walk forward in obedience today, not by faith but by sight. 


How is God calling you today? Where is he leading you? May you walk forward in obedience, by faith, and not by sight. God will equip those he calls. He watches over you and hides you in the shadow of his wings. You can do great things for his name’s sake. 


About the Author:

Cayce Fletcher is a wife and mother to two little ones. She is passionate about teaching others how to apply God’s word faithfully to every area of their lives. You can follow along with her writings or listen to her podcast at amorebeautifullifecollective.com where you’ll learn how to create a life you love and cultivate your heart for God.


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