Any other list makers out there? I have them on my phone, on post-it notes, and in my spiral notebooks. I have even been known to add something to the list I have already completed, just to have the gratification to mark it off.

I am a doer. If it is written and on the list, I mentally get consumed with completing the task. If I don’t, I get discouraged and disappointed with myself. This character trait can lend itself to productivity, but it can also lend itself to striving. While this may be acceptable for my home and work life, I don’t want it for my Christian life. I don’t want to feel the pressure to perform and produce. To check off the boxes of a good Christian girl.

Daily quiet time ✔️ Sunday school ✔️ Tithe ✔️Serve ✔️Pray ✔️ Worship✔️

Because if the Christian life becomes another to-do list, we begin just going through the motions. We begin making it about religion, rather than relationship. We begin relying on our own power, rather than relying on His. Functioning out of our head knowledge, rather than our heart.

I want true heart change. I want a heart like His. To see others as He does. To love like He does. So that is my prayer for me and for you. That this Love Offering doesn’t become another item to cross off of your Christian to-do list, but it becomes a lifestyle of love. Because when we are so full of His love, we can’t live any other way.