S4E37 Show Notes: Things That Matter with Joshua Becker 

by | Sep 13, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Do you want to live a meaningful life—with very few regrets—and make a positive difference in the world? But is culture distracting you from doing so? Perhaps moments, days, and years go by without you stopping to ask yourself, Am I living out my true purpose? Even if that question whispers to you, are you brushing it aside because you don’t know what to change in life’s busyness?

Joshua Becker is on the show helping us identify the obstacles—such as fear, technology, money, possessions, and the opinions of others—that keep us from living with intention, and then he provides practical ideas for letting go of those distractions today so we can focus on what matters most. He uses practical exercises and questions, insights from a nationwide survey, and success stories to give us the motivation we need to:

  • identify the pursuits that matter most

  • align our dreams with our daily priorities

  • recognize how money and possessions keep us from happiness

  • become aware of how others’ opinions of us influence our choices

  • embrace what we’re truly passionate about instead of planning that next escape

  • figure out what to do with all those emails, notifications, and pings

  • let go of past mistakes and debilitating habits

Today’s episode is about living well. It’s about overcoming the chatter of a world focused on all the wrong things. It’s about rethinking the common assumptions of today to find satisfaction and fulfillment tomorrow. How do we get to the end of our lives with minimal regrets? We set aside lesser pursuits to seek lasting meaning. And we discover the joy of doing it every day.




“Why am I spending so much time taking care of things when I could be spending time with people?”


“Our possessions can become a distraction from the things that really matter.”


“Poor in America looks different than poor in other places around the world.”


“We have so much but yet never seem to feel like we have enough.”


“We think if we have more we will be happier.”


“Fear keeps us from trying new things.”


“Three out of four of us say we are spending our time on things and resources that don’t matter at the expense of things that actually do.”


“We feel like the past mistakes we’ve made or have been made against us keep us from the future we desire.”


“You can only overcome a victim mindset when you begin serving other people. When we give to others we tend to be more satisfied with our lives.”


“The lowest socioeconomic people who served others reported more happiness than those of higher economic standing that did not serve others.”


“Generosity needs to be a discipline rather than a response.”


“The greatest benefit of generosity is realizing that we already have enough.”


“The church can get in trouble when we judge people for sinning differently and for serving differently.”


“If we don’t recognize the distraction we can’t address the distraction.”


“We’re all going to be known for something.”


“Reputation should follow our character as opposed to being our motivation for how we live.”


“We become our best love offering by not being sidetracked from what we can offer the kingdom of God by what the world is offering.”


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