Participating in Doing Good to Live Well by Daisy Dronen

by | Sep 8, 2022 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

My eyes opened up and immediately I awoke to a new decade. I felt the cloak of grief immediately invite itself to my side. Would I pick it up? Would I grieve that I would not be able to celebrate this fourth decade of my life in the way I imagined? 


The day could be described as mundane, an everyday kind of day. There was the bed to be made, books to be read, and kiddos to be fed. And if I hadn’t had the eyes of enthusiasm for new beginnings and new beauty. I would have missed the way the light streamed across the made bed, the beauty of discovering new encouragement in the book today, and the way the little ones with light dancing in their eyes fed me. I chose to look for the beauty placed strategically for me and participate in the good that was mine to do instead. 


We face these choices day to day. Will we complain or bemoan what could have been using all of our energy there? Leading us then to miss the gift of the good works “which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” (Ephesians 2:10) I want to live slow enough to see that He establishes the work of my hands. All of the work of my hands, not just the big and public ones.


I recently envisioned myself having a conversation with the Lord as I would with a counselor. And before I am able to ask Him, “does my work matter?” He looks at me full of grace and says, “ your work matters because it aligns with my will. You care for my creation, you create order out of chaos, you bring beauty to places where it’s lacking, and you bring delight through a dish. Your work is beautiful and it brings me delight when you give it to me, you help bring my Kingdom to Earth.’ 


So, when my mind wants to play tricks on me by fanning discontent with the good works before me that seem insignificant. I will focus instead on the giver of good gifts and good work. This verse from Titus has arrested my attention over these last few weeks. “This is a faithful /and/ trustworthy saying; and concerning these things I want you to speak with great confidence, so that those who have believed God [that is, those who have trusted in, relied on, and accepted Christ Jesus as Savior,] will be careful to participate in doing good /and/ honorable things. These things are excellent [in themselves] and profitable for the people.” Titus 1:8 AMP


You mean washing the dishes again is good and honorable work? 


You mean another meal prepped and planned is excellent work? 


You mean cleaning and organizing the room, yet again in itself is profitable? 


Yes, those mundane moments that seem so monotonous, unnecessary, and even at times overwhelming are one by one like pearls strung together to make up the sum of our days. Purposeful work encompasses all the different kinds we put our hand to do and it is a manifestation of our covenant relationship with our creator. Keep your eyes attentive to look for the good work he has prepared for you. You may find its beauty in the most unexpected way. May you linger in the mundane ones a little longer. I think you will be captivated by their glory. Enchanted and full of wonder your soul can only process such glory in rest. He will be your rest and you will work from rest more and more each day.



One last thought, when you are struggling to keep your mind on the good He has for you may I suggest you train your mind? I have been doing this by practicing breath prayer. I am learning to take three times of reflection throughout the day in which I can train my mind on things above. I meditate on a morning, noon, and evening breath prayer to help see the goodness of God in my life at that moment. For example, here is my morning breath prayer based on Lamentations 3:22-23. 


Inhale: Jesus, thank you

Exhale: for mornings and new mercies


Then pause to hear His voice lead you to the next good and profitable work he has for you. 


I bless you with a blessing from Psalm 27:13 I believe that you shall see His goodness in the land of the living.


About the Author:

Daisy Dronen is a Honduran-born writer, arrived in the US via Texas, and now sets tables in Dayton, OH. She writes by grace- prose, poems, and other pieces that break open a bit more the ethereal and delicate gauze that stands between heaven and earth. Daisy is the bellwether table gatherer behind the IF:Dayton community leading the women to gather at the table and find Jesus in each other. The kitchen is her oasis for creativity and hospitality. Her writing has been featured in Refine Journal, Bravery Magazine, Eclectic Shades, and Dayton Women in the Word. She lives in the Gem City with her husband and three littles.

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