S3E8 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Holly Newton

by | Feb 23, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Are you tired? Tired of doubting, tired of comparing, tired of striving, tired of fear, and tired of being tired? You aren’t alone. The Founder of Exhale Women, Holly Newton is on the show today helping us to exhale, let go, and learn to live in the unforced rhythms of grace. Join us to find the true rest your heart and soul have been longing for. 


“I didn’t need to be in a megachurch to have an impact. I needed to just be present and focus on the one in front of me.”

“I wanted to create a space for them to come, rest, and receive.”

“He’s given us each gifting’s and desires to do one main thing and that is to proclaim His name in all the earth.”

“I want to help other people learn to live freely and lightly in their purposes.”

“In every failure, in every obedience, in every victory, and in every loss God’s faithfulness never changes in our lives.”

“The solution is that we have to know who our God is and we have to know who we are in.”

“I never write from a place that I haven’t experienced myself.”

“I was working for God in my own strength. We aren’t meant to work for God. We are meant to work with Him.”

“It was God’s pursuit of my heart that brought me back to Him.”

“Abide in me and let me flow through you.”

“I have to daily invite God into the practical steps and strategy for the day.”

“Striving creeps in and creeps up when we take over the wheel.”

“Success is pleasing God.”

“Obedience is our part. The outcome is God’s part.”

“The key to letting go is knowing you can trust God.”

“We can live our lives not in our natural effort but in His unmerited mercy and favor.”

“We need to be inhaling the truth of God. Exhaling is where we find our strength.”

“Mentorship is so important. We all need to reach down and reach back.”

“Make margin in your life to be available.”

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Holly talked about unforced rhythms of grace. With this in mind, our love offering this week is to extend grace to yourself and to those around you.  

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