Choosing Him Ministries founder Tecia Janes is on the show sharing her testimony that led to her choice to choose God. We talk about choices—the choice to love, forgive, obey, surrender, sacrifice, and trust. We pray after this episode that above all, you choose Him and live for Him no matter what life brings. 


“Are you going to choose to go with me and bring purpose through this or are you going to try to do this on your own?”

“Jesus broke cultural norms and He was intentional with every interaction.”

“He said I love you but I also need you to turn away from your sin.”

“She went back to the people that rejected her. Not only was her life changed but the people of her town were changed too.”

“We never write a book that God doesn’t take us through first.”

“How many times have we prayed for healing and we don’t get to see it on earth? He may choose to heal us in heaven. So when we do get to see it, it’s very special.”

“We see calling as a platform rather than a mission or simple obedience.”

“God has prepared what we need before we even know it.”

“Learning to say no to what might seem good at that moment opens our hands to receive what is the best comes from learning to listen to the Holy Spirit.”

“Do we slow down enough to listen and hear what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us?

“Do we really trust God to give us what’s best for us or do we feel like we need to be in control so we don’t miss out?”

“We have a choice. We are not victims of our response. And what we do with that choice determines the trajectory and the impact of what will come later.”

“Am I going to choose what I want or am I going to choose God’s best?”

“Our road will not be easy, but the road for Jesus was not easy either. We grow in our struggle. We get complacent and prideful in comfort.”

“God loves us too much to leave us alone. He wants to grow us.”

“While those situations were devastating, they also drew me into His arms.”

“None of our stories are over. We are all in the process.”

“God loves us so much that He was willing to give us the gift of choice.”

“We often want to be loved, but we often withhold love.”

“The answer is always the same. The answer is Jesus.”

“Paul says follow me as I follow Christ. I’m not sure many of us could say the same.”

“Change your filter because you are not the ultimate authority.”

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This week’s Love Offering challenge is to choose to follow God’s leading and choose to meet the needs of someone else rather than your own.