The Race for Enough by Carrie Bradley 

by | Dec 15, 2022 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

The gun fires and muscles explode into motion as we blast off.


The racer next to me surges ahead.  Desperately I will my legs to move faster and keep up.  


As we settle into our paces my mind wanders to the lanes on each side of me.


As I run two lies sway me and steal my focus:  

  • I am enough.
  • I am never enough.


Let me explain.


Going off-track with “I am enough.”


“You are all you need. You have the power to save yourself. All you need is inside you.” These are the subtle deceptions prevalent in our culture.


It’s easy for me to drift into the lane of self-sufficiency because I’m resourceful and independent.


I may be a mom, but sometimes I act like a toddler professing “I can do it myself!”


I often try to be strong all by myself. Then I remember how many ways I rely on others. I realize how much I depend on God, whom I believe created these legs that can run and the desire to do so.


Air fills my burning lungs and I remember that oxygen is a gift I didn’t invent.


I try to pass as many people as possible but I end up gasping. When I can’t take another step someone is there to help me up and cheer me to continue.


When I see that the end is in sight I get excited,  but then stumble and fall. Someone picks me up, brushes me off and helps carry me over the finish line.


More often than I’d like I falter, fail and am fearful.


I constantly wonder  “Am I enough?”


Then I realize a better question: “Is God enough?”  


Going off-track with “I am never enough.”


No one will ever be “enough” by popular culture standards. Not pretty enough, thin enough, fit enough, talented enough, or anything enough. There’s always a product or service to help us get better.


It’s such good news that I don’t have to do or have anything to earn God’s extravagantly grace-filled love!


“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith,” as Ephesians 2:8 (NIV) says. This is a gift from God that brings peace.


If I believe the lie that I’m incomplete and never enough without all the things the world offers, it leads to striving. It makes me want to try harder, be better, do more, and try to prove myself. It leads to comparison and discontent.


It’s like being at the race expo where runners pick up their race packets and exhibitors come to display their wares.


Never enough says:

“There’s always something you need that you don’t have. 

You will only be able to finish the race if you buy these.

You’re not a real runner unless you have this.

You can get ahead if you’re like them.”


God’s area says:

“In Me you already have everything you need. Come as you are.

Let’s all run together. It may not be fancy or fast, but when you get to the end and raise your hands in victory, there will be no better feeling.”


I can look straight ahead, run my own race with others on the same journey, and believe I’m good enough for God and He’s good enough for me.



About the Author:

Carrie Bradley embraces the paradox that she’s good enough AND getting better. As a writer and coach, she loves encouraging women to both accept their imperfect selves and to work toward their goals. Carrie and her husband live in Vancouver, BC with their two female human daughters and two adopted male felines.


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