Show Notes S4E50: A Little Meal Goes a Long Way with Erin Davis

by | Dec 13, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Does your relationship with food come as a constant source of regret, frustration, and shame? Or does it feel like a God-given blessing? Do you bounce between the two sometimes, in a love/hate relationship with food?


Whether it’s a warm croissant, a bright bowl of fruit, a piece of cake, or a steaming cup of coffee put in front of her, author and Bible teacher Erin Davis has experienced all sorts of complicated responses to food, too. She’s discovered that God’s Word celebrates food as a gift while simultaneously inviting us to surrender every area of our lives— including what we put on our plates. Rather than the yo-yo of loving food versus hating it, Erin invites you to accept Scripture’s invitation into a different, nourishing, and refreshing rhythm.


In today’s episode, you’ll learn just how satisfying it is to join in the biblical rhythms of fasting and feasting. Join us as we chat about how a little meal goes a long way.




“Food, celebration, family, and gathering are all God’s ideas.”


Leviticus 23


“God’s plan was always redemption.”


“Jesus regularly ate with people. A lot. He had regular rhythms of daily life.”


“Jesus enjoyed food. We can enjoy food. Maybe it’s just that simple.”



“What might happen if the women of the church started to fast?”


“In Scripture, we see when people fasted, things changed.”



“Fasting is denying ourselves food to ramp up our hunger for God.”



“Don’t make the fast about you. Fasting is about God.”


“Invite people to your table. Mealtime was part of Jesus’ evangelism strategy.”



“When people are hurting, food can be a ministry.”


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