S4E38 Show Notes: Your Second Chapter with Vera Holloway

by | Sep 20, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

No one gets to write the first chapter of their lives. But everyone gets to write their second chapter. From birth, chapter one is written for us by those that have control. For some, that chapter is good, right, and positive. Thus, those people have a good foundation for writing their second chapter. Over the last ten years of counseling, the word Vera Holloway hears from clients, more than any other, is “stuck.”


Do you know anyone that’s stuck? Or maybe you’re the stuck one. And no matter the source or severity of the “stuck,” whether it’s from past trauma, failed relationships, or unsuccessful attempts at personal growth, this book will help.


In today’s episode, Vera:

· outlines what stuck looks like

· helps you identify what holds you captive

· gives you the tools needed to get unstuck

· guides you in writing your second chapter with clarity


It takes courage and determination to get unstuck and out of the cycle of destruction to live the linear life God has for each of us. Your Second Chapter is an opportunity to write that new life chapter.




“Because I had been abandoned and I worked hard to be perfect so that would never happen again.”


“I struggled with abandonment issues. I only knew one emotion and that was that I was supposed to be happy. I had unhealthy coping skills.”


“How do I love graciously when belief systems want to divide us?”


“I learned not to rely on man but to rely on my Heavenly Father. He is the father to the fatherless.”


“When we pray for a miracle we can’t control how God delivers the miracle.”


“I thought when I gave my life to the Lord things would just get easier but they got harder.”


“I wanted my children’s first chapter to be better than mine.”


“I had to stop trying to be the boss of my own life and surrender the thinking that I knew what was best for me.”


“I wanted to place the blame on everyone around me but it was me the entire time.”


Isaiah 61 – beauty from ashes


“The people I was helping were helping me.”


“It is never too late to start the next chapter. We should be growing until God calls us to be with Him.”


“You have to first identify what is keeping you stuck.”


“We can have a cycle of chaos or a cycle of success.”


“Don’t despise the small wins because the small win leads to the big win.”


“If you want to move forward you have to change your thoughts.”


“When we have better thoughts it leads to better habits”


“Our purpose is all the same but the way we fulfill that purpose is different.”


“Use the Word of God to fight your battles.”


“You have to have community and you need to be connected and consistent.”


“If we weren’t meant for community God would’ve stopped with one person. He would’ve stopped with Adam.”


“Whatever breaks your heart is often where God is drawing you to.”


“We can be a love offering by not thinking we have to have it all figured out. It’s free to be kind, to encourage, and pray for someone else.”


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