S6E7 Show Notes: Sanity for the Chaos of Everyday Life with Cynthia Yanof

by | Feb 13, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Life can be downright hard. Cynthia Yanof is on today’s episode inviting us to reframe our perspective on the challenges we face so we can see God at work—and laugh more along the way. In her book Life is Messy, God is Good and on today’s show, she reminds us God’s not surprised when we drop the ball, lose our cool, or struggle to put our Spanx on in the morning. He can use our ridiculous messes and even the really difficult I-didn’t-sign-up-for-this losses to shape us.


Join us to discover how:


  • We can be faithful to God’s purposes right where we are—baseball carpool, dog groomer, and even chaperoning the dreaded zoo field trip.
  • We come to realize one of life’s greatest blessings is a handful of crazy, godly friends (who aren’t afraid to tell you to retire your outfit).
  • When we let go of who the world says we should be, we are free to become who God created us to be.


Whether you are navigating a difficult new season, working late on another deadline, or simply horrified that your morning routine now includes plucking chin hair, Cynthia offers an encouraging and hilarious reminder that God is at work in you—even in the mess.



Life is chaotic because we want to do everything and do everything well.


What matters most right now?


I want us to have a theology that matches our reality.


It doesn’t have to be serious to be of God.


God’s favor doesn’t always feel favorable.


God is good. It just doesn’t always feel good at the moment.


You need to stack some stones to remember what God has done.


God will not always remove the hardship. 


If you’re going to laugh about it in a year, you need to laugh about it now. 


Life is off script. 


The small things are the big things.


Pursue the Lord. 


Raise a kid who can stand alone.


If we want to raise kids who can stand alone, we’ve got to be willing to stand alone ourselves.


Don’t put too much emphasis on the mess.


We get so focused on the mess. We don’t see the goodness of God.


Let God transform your mess into your message.


You’ve got to make sure our version of good lines up with God’s version of good.


Jesus goes after the one. We are the one.



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