God is Your Portion by Beth Guckenberger

by | Feb 8, 2024 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

In Spanish, when more people come for a meal than you plan, you say you’ll “add more water to the beans.” Meaning you’ll use what you have, add what you need to stretch to meet the demand, and trust that God covers it. When we step into our God-given nature as inviters, we regularly find that God adds more water to the beans; He gives us what we need. 

In the very act of inviting, we risk and make ourselves vulnerable. Jesus said, “Do not throw your pearls to pigs” (Matthew 7:6), painting a vivid word picture. The space you hold—your heart, the calling you’ve heard, your stories, the beauty you possess—these are your pearls. When you offer them, it makes you vulnerable, but not weak. The very act of risking rejection makes the gift all the braver and the giver stronger. 

I was taking some women through an exercise called Lectio Divina, Latin for “divine reading.” It’s an old practice that dates to the monks hundreds of years ago. Many variations exist, but typically someone reads a passage of Scripture out loud several times, prompting you to listen for words or phrases that stand out, or they encourage you to see pictures God might be prophetically giving you. 

I requested everyone close their eyes and listen as I read from Isaiah 43 about God being with us, whether in the fire or high waters. I told them to imagine a canvas and to ask God to paint something, illustrating His Word. Then we prayed those images and words back to Jesus. 

One woman was quiet, seeming not to participate, although I could see she was emotionally moved by the tears brimming in her eyes. I didn’t draw attention to her, just prayed God would give her something she knew was from Him. Suddenly she said quietly, “I see a candy store, and everyone, all of you, are inside, picking what you want, sampling new treats, being delighted. But I am on the outside of the window, pressing my face to the glass, watching everyone enjoy their candy, while I am without.” 

What a privilege it was to say to her, “You are invited into that candy shop. Those good gifts, those treats, are for you. Sample what you want … everything He has, He offers to you.” Women came around her, laying hands on her, praying over her. They listened to her questions and stuck close. 

In God’s family, there is joy and celebration when the lost are found, the hungry are fed, the lonely are brought into relationship, and the homeless are given shelter. 

This is my testimony: while I try to do what God’s asked of me, I am in over my head every time. I am never enough, and yet, I’ve found He’s always there, answering my cries for help, being my portion.

Excerpt from Warrior of Eden, David C Cook, 2024

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Beth Guckenberger is the Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, an international orphan care organization serving orphaned and vulnerable children in ten locations around the world.  Since 1997, this care is accomplished through a talented staff of over 400, and national partners in each country. Beth is the author of fourteen books and serves on the board of CRU, Christian Alliance for Orphans and David C Cook Publishing. She speaks around the world about 80 times a year and has raised eleven children. For more information about Beth, please visitback2back.org or recklessfaith.com. 

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