Show Notes S6E6: She Believed He Could, So She Did with Becky Beresford

by | Feb 6, 2024 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Our culture has been lying to women. The world defines female empowerment as believing in yourself or looking within to find the power to succeed. But what happens when women grow weary from trying to do it all? Jesus offers a better way.


Becky Beresford is on the show today and she’s sharing how she used to believe and even promoted some of society’s lies to women. But in God’s kindness, Becky came to the end of herself and embraced healing truth found in the Bible.

Tired and frustrated with self-dependence, Becky wants to be God-dependent. In her book, She Believed HE Could So She Did, Becky invites you to join her as she dismantles commonly held misconceptions and lies so we can live in real freedom and godly confidence.


This is a brave journey toward freedom as we learn to experience Christ-centered empowerment–not by believing in ourselves . . . but by trusting in our faithful God. Join us as we chat about the most common messages promoted by our culture and dependable biblical truths grounded in the gospel:


  • Believe in Your God vs. Believe in Yourself

  • Speak THE truth vs. Speak Your Truth

  • Follow Your King vs. Follow Your Heart

  • You Be His vs. You Be You

  • The Future is Found Together vs. The Future is Female


Tune in to discover how to rely on the Holy Spirit in order to battle cultural lies, put the enemy in his place, and live boldly for Jesus. We will be lifted of the burden to find strength in ourselves and reassured of the hope, joy, and power that comes from living in Christ. We don’t have to be the savior of our own stories.



I can’t do all these things, but He can.

Culture tries to convince us to rely on ourselves instead of our Savior.


There is freedom in realizing we don’t have to have it all together. If we were enough, we wouldn’t need a Savior.


It’s OK to have weaknesses and depend on someone else. Relying on Jesus makes us strong because He is strength.


The sword is not comfortable. It is meant to separate what is true from what is false.


Godly confidence assures us who we are in Christ.


The gospel is because of love.


God never gives up on us.


It’s a daily choice to lean into the love of Christ.



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