Blessed Love by Kristy Mabe

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I’d spent the morning shoulder-to-shoulder with hundreds of women. We were woken up by worship music, then taught with the word and prayed over. 


Loved was how I’d describe the aftermath. The speakers touched our hearts and heads, and the organizers cared for our every need. 


I stood in a grand hall, my soul stirred, and my eyes glued to the double doors. When they opened those doors, those women would rush through. 


Fear bubbled up. I took a deep breath. These women were like-minded and like-hearted. Just as it says in 1 John 4:11-12 NIV 


Dear friends, since God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God, but if we love one another, God lives in us, and his love is made complete in us.


I told myself they wouldn’t devour me as the doors opened.   


In a minute, a circle surrounded my vendor table, and dozens of conversations overlapped. Thankfully, my mom was there to help!  


As the crowd thinned, an older woman and her daughter stepped up who seemed oddly familiar.  The older woman’s fingers lingered over two bracelets. “How much are these?”


Sadly, I said, “I’m not allowed to sell at the event.” 


Disheartened, she asked where she could buy them. I gave her my card and mentioned a local boutique. 


The older woman pointed to a rhinestone-encrusted cross bracelet. “I have one of those from you.”


Immediately I recognized her! My smile got bigger as my hand went to my heart. 


“You got a Galatians necklace too.” 


She’d also bought Blessed charm earrings. I remember being sad that day because I didn’t have a necklace to match. Plus, I recalled our talk about her medical appointments when she’d fallen down her stairs. By God’s grace, she was being healed. 


As they walked away, my spirit leapt. You know that feeling when God nudges you in what to do? The rules said I couldn’t sell, but there were none for giving freely. 


I took the Blessed bracelet off the stand, passed it to my mom, and pointed to the older woman. “Please give that to her.”


My mom walked over, touched her lightly on the back, then handed her the bracelet. 


Moments later, she and her daughter circled back. Her eyes watery, she softly said, “You didn’t have to do that.” 


“Yes, I did. And I wanted to.” I bent down and hugged her. “I remember you.” 


“My husband died last July, and it’s been hard. Especially the holidays. Christmas, Valentine’s Day.”


“I can only imagine how hard it’s been.” I placed my hand on her shoulder for support. 


“I came here today because I’ve been so teary. I’m not usually like that. I’m just having a hard time.” 


I hugged her, rubbing her back in soothing strokes. “I’m so glad you did. There’s no shame in your tears. It’s better to let them out so you can heal.”


I thought about how brave she was to come, to cry in front of other women as she worked to heal and reach out for the help she needed. In this room, surrounded by love, was where she needed to be. 


We spoke a few more minutes before she said, “Thank you so much,” and they wandered away.  When you feel loved, you’re more able to walk in love and share love with others. 


That’s why I do what I do! My jewelry isn’t spectacular, but if a piece helps the wearer know God is with them, I’m overjoyed!



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Kristy Mabe is a wife and mom who enjoys daily finding simple joys. She created Simple Joys to help others do the same and enjoys enriching others’ lives with lessons she’s learned from God!


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