S5E44 Show Notes: A Little Mentorship Goes a Long Way with David Arthur 

by | Nov 14, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Precept has created Bible studies and resources in over 90 languages in the last five decades, distributed in nearly 190 countries and on six continents. But CEO David Arthur felt they were missing an entire generation of people—namely millennials and Generation Z believers. Partnering with Barna Research, they discovered three important facts that helped them develop their new Bible study resource, Yarrow.


The next generation wants desperately to understand how the truth of the Bible connects to their daily lives and actual hardships. They long for a relationship with God and are interested in the Bible but don’t know where to start. They need a guide to help them get started and know where to go. They are busy and deeply connected to technology. Yarrow is determined to meet them where they are with materials that speak to their way of life and fit into their daily routines and habits. So, the studies in Yarrow are designed to be relevant, guided, and flexible.


David hopes to see a generation so in love with God and His Word that the culture around them is greatly impacted. Their vision is that every believer in Christ lives out God’s Word every day. They know that’s a huge vision, but they also know we serve a big God.



“Observe the text, interpret the text, and apply the text.”


“Any relationship takes effort.”

“The next generation has an appetite for God’s Word.”


“Rooted in Scripture and growing in Christ.”


“One out of five GenZers are confused about their sexuality.”


“We aren’t bumper sticker theology.”


“The application of truth assumes community.”

“You can’t be loving by yourself. To apply truth always requires others.”


2 Timothy 1:8


“My biggest desire is that the next generation falls in love with Jesus.”

“Remember Jesus.”


“We must authentically live out our faith and share that with the next generation.”

“Don’t be afraid to share your failures, fears, and concerns. People fear mentorship because we think we have to be perfect.”


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