S4E30 Show Notes: Why You Don’t Have It Together with Scarlet Hiltibidal

by | Jul 26, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Are you tired of the unrelenting pressure to be the best at everything? Scarlet Hiltibidal was too. For Scarlet, attempting to be the best at pretty much everything—whether that be the best wife or the best sub-sandwich maker, or the best Christian—was her life story. But in the midst of all her striving and reaching to hit the mark, she somehow still couldn’t grab hold of the joy and freedom and life-change that’s supposed to come with the gospel’s good news. That is until she realized something revolutionary—instead of the best, she might actually be…the worst. The “chief of sinners.” Poor in spirit and gone astray.

In today’s episode, Scarlet tells plenty of stories of her own “worstness” to help you see your own and rejoice in the reality that our goodness and badness aren’t what make God smile at us. If you’re tired of hustling to be the best, take a load off with Scarlet and say the honest and laughable truth along with her: we’re the worst people in the world!



“If I was perfect then I felt a sense of control because everything else about life was chaotic.”


“As soon as I learned of the gospel I thought that I had to be the perfect Christian.”


“My goal isn’t to be perfect, it is to live out the gospel.”


“My job is to point up, not to be the best.”


“I can’t earn anything. Jesus already earned it for me.”


“We are called to do good works but not to earn love. Rather, it is just an overflow of the love that God has given us.”


“I was doing works in order to make God happy with me, rather than enjoying the reality that God is already happy with me.”


“We need grace and truth. We can’t swing too far on the pendulum of legalism or grace. Jesus is the good one and we are the worshipers. We should be excited to serve Him.”


“My advice is to open the Bible. Just be with Jesus and He will make us less like us and more like Him.”


“I want to be excellent at pointing my family to the cross.”

“Pursuing Jesus is pursuing excellence.”


“If we could do it on our own there would be no need for Jesus.”


“Embrace your brokenness but don’t stop there.”


“Obey and make it about Jesus.”


“He was being Jesus to me in that moment, someone so undeserving.”


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