S4E29 Show Notes: The Path to Peace with Ann Swindell 

by | Jul 19, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Overwhelmed. Stressed out. Burnt out. Fried. However we name it, all of us know what it feels like to deal with circumstances and worries that drag us down and wear us out. Many of us experience persistent anxiety. Peace can be hard to find. But it is in the middle of our stress and fear that God extends his unshakable peace to us. In today’s episode, Ann Swindell shares how the biblical stories of eight women and men helped her realize that what she needed most in her own journey wasn’t a stable job or healthy kids or good friends–it was God’s peace.


Join us to:


· Experience God’s peace in your daily life

· Respond to challenges with faith rather than fear

· Find hope in God’s goodness and faithfulness toward you


The good news is that even if our situations don’t change, we can still experience Christ’s peace in our daily lives. The Path to Peace is for everyone who longs to experience a soul at rest.



“I was relying on circumstances to give me the peace that I so desperately wanted.”


“I needed to ground myself in God so that I wasn’t shaken with every storm of life that comes because they always do.”


“I think one of the reasons we are so anxious is because we know too much.”


“We have compassion fatigue. Only the Lord can hold all the world’s sorrows.”


“God can carry all those burdens. We cannot. We want to change things but there is so little we can actually change.”


“Unless we know how to walk in peace first we can’t give to our children what we don’t have.”


“Peace can be hard to find because we think of it as a feeling of tranquility or contentment. Biblical peace is a soul at rest—a soul content with God regardless of the circumstances.”


“We experience the peace of Christ often through the body of Christ on earth.”


“I’ve come to bring a gospel that’s going to divide people; some people love me and some people hate me. It won’t be peaceful to those who don’t choose Him.”


“Fear usually stems from feeling out of control.”


“God protected and took care of Sarah in those ways Abraham didn’t. God came through for her and He will come through for us.”


“They did great things for God because God was great in them, not because they were particularly great. They were just humans who said yes and obeyed the Lord.”

“Walking in peace is a process.”


“Moses was being obedient to God and things continued to get worse. Obedience to God will not make things easier.”


“You have to first find your sense of security and your belovedness through Christ. How can we be His presence to those who are desperate for His peace?”


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