Have you ever wanted to do something kind for someone, but weren’t sure what to do? Karen Ehman is on the show sharing creative ways to make a difference in the lives of other people. She’s written a devotional titled “Make Their Day” with 101 simple and practical ideas to love others well. 

We discuss:
  • Making people a priority 
  • Celebrating others 
  • Developing daily habits of thoughtfulness 
  • Sprinkling kindness in a culture of cruel 
  • Overcoming busyness and excuses not to love others

We believe when you make someone else’s day, it will make your day too. I can’t wait for you to hear today’s conversation—101 love offering ideas?! Yes, please! 


“I was first introduced to the gospel because a very ordinary woman who was living a very ordinary life opened her heart and home to me.”

“The simplest things can be an avenue God uses to draw people to Himself.”

“Doing little special things for people.”

“Be a good noticer and listener.”

“Lord, help me notice today the person who needs Your love and give me a creative way to cheer them up and point them to You.”

“You are doing important work. What you do matters.”

“Be on the lookout.”

“Simple ways of living beyond yourself.”

“Don’t think of it as having another thing to do. Look for creative ways to naturally weave it into your life. Be a maximizer. Double what you’re already doing.”

“When I say I don’t have the time, it’s really me just choosing to make time for other things.”

“Practically do for others what God has done for you.”

“Start small and start with those who are closest to you.”

“It makes me feel good to make someone else feel good.”

“I have to remember who I’m really doing it for. I’m doing it out of obedience to the Lord who said to love others as I have loved you as myself.”

“I want to be the kind of person who remembers.”

“Jesus treated people with kindness, dignity, and respect just because they were people. We need to do the same.”

“One prayer and one person.”

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