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by | Feb 16, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Natalie’s Sisters is a ministry that exists to extend hope, support, and God’s unconditional love to sexually exploited women through a first-touch approach providing respite, relationship, and referrals to community resources. The founder of the ministry, Jani Lewis, is sharing her own story of sexual exploitation and how God has turned her pain into purpose. Join us as we talk about the greatest needs, common threads, and how she has seen God work in the lives of the women she serves. 


“I worked in the “adult entertainment” industry in two different clubs for a couple of years. There was nothing glamorous or positive about it. I felt degraded, abused, and alone.”

“It’s amazing to look back and see how God used all those different work experiences to prepare me for what I’m doing now.”

“We let them know that God loves us and we love them, and just want to help. Women respond because they know we care.”

“We met with the police to see how we could best help women working on the street. Before the day was over, the police had already referred a woman to us who needed help.”

We still deliver to the clubs every week and have developed strong relationships with our friends there—allowing us to help them with community resources and other appropriate assistance.”

“The street ministry has grown to include a drop-in center downtown. Women from several churches have transformed a former crack house into a beautiful refuge for at-risk women who receive delicious food, clothing, toiletries, referrals to social service and community resources, and life skills classes. We are often blessed to celebrate birthdays, baby showers, and other special events.”

“Most of the women we serve are homeless, so they often take advantage of our living room to rest throughout the day. And when a woman is ready to make a significant life change, we assist with referrals to detox and recovery programs.”

“All of the women we work with—whether in the clubs or on the street—have experienced trauma of some kind: childhood sexual abuse, rape, physical abuse, trafficking. They are all somebody’s mother, sister, daughter, aunt— just like all the women we interact with every day.”

“Beyond the obvious physical needs that we all have, it’s the understanding of grace. That Jesus loves them right where they are.”

“Women aren’t ready to see who they are and their value and worth. Many don’t think they can change or deserve to change. We want them to know that they’re worth so much more than what they are doing.”

“We see women getting sober, reuniting with families, and becoming stable and productive. It can take a long time and a whole lot of prayer.”

“Patience is required but we do see a lot of change.”

“Because I experienced God’s grace the way I did—so undeservedly, so abundantly—it’s pretty easy to extend grace to others. God took every mistake, every wrong turn I made, and used it for good! And He can do that for everyone.”

“Go wherever God is moving. It may not be dramatic or what you consider a story, but He wants to use it.”

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