Parenting is hard. It’s not just the routines, schedules, discipline, and heartaches. It’s also about hard conversations. As parents, we are scared of getting it wrong and don’t know where to begin. 


Kristin Scroggins and her husband Jimmy have been married for 25 years, have 8 children, and lead a church together. Together they wrote Full Circle Parenting which is a guide for crucial conversations. Join us as she shares her wisdom on marriage, sexuality, divorce, bitterness, forgiveness, restoration, technology, substance abuse, friendship, money, materialism, and generosity. We pray as after tuning in you are better equipped as a parent to have deeper conversations with your child.



“We are our children’s first disciplers.”


“Family is God’s good gift to us. Part of the purpose of family is to be an outpost for the gospel.”


“There is no time when we are exempt from teaching our children.”


“We can disciple our kids out of the overflow of what He is already doing in our own lives.”


“God has called me to the task and I know I can do it well because of Him.”


“We have 6,570 days with our kids. That’s a lot of opportunity for conversation.”


“The only way to fix our brokenness is to repent and believe in the gospel.”


“God stays in the game with us.”


“As we parent it is important to always go back to God’s design. It is the most loving thing we do every day. It’s not loving if we don’t tell the truth.”


“It helps to understand that our children are complex and everyone around us is complex.”


“Just because there is sin does not negate the goodness of God in them.”


“The sin is not who you are, it is only what you were doing.”


“A man sinner and a woman sinner get together and have a lot of little sinners.”


“Instead of thinking about technology as a dragon to be slain, we need to start thinking about it in terms of management because there will be a time when our kids are not under our roof anymore.”


“We fall into despair when we feel like this responsibility all falls on us. We do have a mandate to disciple our kids but we don’t have a mandate to do it alone.”


“We decided we weren’t going to make the Scriptures say more than they really do.”


“Just because you can doesn’t mean that it is beneficial or helpful.”


“The gospel is transformational now, not just in eternity.”



“It’s not God that causes our children to hide, it is the sin.”


“We need to remind our children of the redemptive part of the gospel.”


“God stays in the game with us and we as mothers need to stay in the game with our children as well.”


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