S3E23: Overcoming Doubt and Hopelessness With Nicki Koziarz

by | Jun 8, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Today’s conversation is about doubt and hopelessness based on Nicki Koziarz’s new book Flooded: The 5 Best Decisions to Make When Life Is Hard and Doubt Is Rising. We pray through this episode you find biblical hope, quiet the fear, and discover peace in between the problem and the promise. 



“When I say I wrote this book in the hardest season of my life thus far, I mean it. This message is hard to live out because it doesn’t get easier. But this message has helped me find peace and hope in the midst of things that feel hopeless.”


“We as a church don’t allow people to talk about doubt enough. It’s OK to have doubt. We as leaders try to put Bible verse band-aids over people’s lives. We try to make sense of things that don’t make any sense.”


“Sometimes unbelief is just to the point of no return.”


“Doubt is the road that leads to unbelief. Don’t let unbelief write a new story for you.”


“Lay it down and when the timing is right pick it back up.”


“The church is opening back up but how many of you don’t have a church to go back to?”


“Noah taught me how to wrestle down doubt, rise above it, and to do the hard things God asks us to do.”


“One of my favorite decisions from Noah was to remember who is in charge.”


“God commanded and Noah obeyed. Obedience stems from an action and an action stems from a decision. Researchers tell us that we actually make over 30,000 decisions a day.”


“God is sovereign, but we are not puppets. Sometimes I don’t think we own our responsibility in the midst of obedience.”


“He doesn’t move us as chess pieces, rather He has given us free will to choose Him.”


“When I shifted from seeing God as in control to God being in charge it changed everything for me.”


“God has the plan but do we come to Him and ask Him what the plan is?”


“God, show me what I need to do in this situation.”


“Faith is a belief inside of us, but it also requires action and obedience.”


“Ultimately there has to be consequences for our decisions.”


“There have been times when I’ve gotten it wrong, when I felt like God was telling me to do something. When we get it wrong, that’s where the fear comes in.”


“Lord, if I have it wrong show me the right way, but God if I have it right help me to stand still until I see your promise fulfilled. That prayer allows me to stay in a posture of humility.”


“It helps knowing the difference between promises that are for me and promises that aren’t for me in Scripture. We have to be careful not to take verses out of context.”


“There is a gap between the problem and the promise God has given us.”


“Honesty is always the best place to start. Acknowledge your hard things before God.”


“Please God, no more hard things.”


“Questions for God are not what threatens our relationship with Him. It’s not our questions for God, but our questioning of God.”


“God never created us to live in isolation.”


“This week’s love offering is to listen and don’t try to sugarcoat their doubt.”


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