S3E21 Show Notes: She Smiles Without Fear With Katy McCown

by | May 25, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Many women live with anticipation—but also great anxiety—about what the future may bring. So they work hard to stay one step ahead of their worst-case scenarios. While they’re focused on arranging a secure tomorrow, their fear strangles the peace, joy, and purpose from today. With the Proverbs 31 woman as a guide, Katy McCown is on the show chatting about her Bible Study titled She Smiles without Fear. Join us to discover how to find security in God’s plans and confidence in His control.


“I’m learning to embrace that life doesn’t have to be neat or easy. If you’re struggling to get it just right I would suggest changing your expectations.”


“My motherhood feeds my ministry and my ministry feeds my motherhood. God trains me in the midst of motherhood.”


It’s actually a relief that I don’t have to have it all figured out. I have to rely on the Savior rather than on myself.”


“I can say with certainty that there’s more uncertainty.”


“Jesus connects value with security. Many of the things that we worry about are out of the heart of love.”


“We worry more about what if‘s than what has already been.”


“Ultimately our future ends in eternity in heaven with God. That is not something that we have to worry about.”


“We have got to change where we dwell. We have to dwell more on what had already been done for us.”


“Peace in a world of trouble is possible.”


“You can take heart and be of good cheer because of Jesus.” 


“Instead of replicating her emotions, we need to look at the heart behind her actions. God is more interested in our motives than our motions.”


“Our best plan for the future is to be faithful today.”



“I realized my fear of the future was taking away the joy of my present.”


“As Christians, we feel guilty for fearing. Like fear is a bad word so we try to hide it.”


This week’s love offering is to be more intentional about praying for others. “Even if we look like we all have it all together on the outside we are all struggling on the inside.”


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Katy McCown – Helping you live on purpose for God’s purposes

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