S3E18 Show Notes: Parenting On Purpose With Amy Carney

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We have an over-parenting epidemic in this country. We want to give our children “the best,” but without realizing it, we’re giving too much. Buying too much. Doing too much. Yet we aren’t doing enough of the little things that are most important when it comes to equipping our kids to become capable, confident, and compassionate adults. Amy Carney is on a mission to help moms and dads reclaim leadership, make the tough decisions, and parent today with tomorrow in mind. Tune in to glean wisdom on how to raise your kids without regret. 


“Our goal is to raise adults. We realized we were teaching our kids to have fun and be happy, but not to be responsible and resilient.”


“Parenting on purpose not because we don’t love them but because we want to prepare them.”


“We want them to get to the place where they can do everything on their own.”


“Start talking about things early.”


“It’s not always going to be easy and our kids will not always be happy with our decisions but we have to be OK with that. We are not here to make them happy, we are here to teach them.”


“When you write out your family purpose statement, it helps you understand why you’re saying no when you say no and why you say yes when you say yes.”


“The number one thing I want to teach my children is to love others well. Loving like Jesus and loving others well— it’s as simple as that.”


“Be the parent, not the pal.”


“I’m OK disappointing my kids because the world will disappoint them.”


“We are giving our kids enough room to make mistakes, feel, and problem solve on their own.”


“We talk more about effort than the outcome. It’s not all about perfection. They build confidence by failing, picking themselves up, and trying again.”


“There’s such a difference in volunteering and serving. We can start to look at everything we do for others as service.”


“We have to get real with what we’re saying and how we’re actually living.”


“We don’t know what tomorrow will bring so live for today.”

“It’s our actions, not our intentions that will leave our legacy. What is it you want to be known for and then figure out how to slowly live that out.”


“We need to start bringing the needs of the outside world into our home.”


“Real love is sacrificial.”


“We are not called to comfort.”

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