Are you happy? Katie Orr is in the show today sharing Secrets Of The Happy Soul. Join us to discover the deep delight your soul was made for. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • How some people always seem to be happy
  • Contrasting happiness and joy
  • How a happy soul is already within us
  • Experiencing daily delights found in God’s presence
  • How to draw closer to God 
  • Happiness in the midst of storms
  • Our purpose and staying rooted
  • Confidence in God’s will 
  • Surrender 
  • Seeking God in everyday moments


“Blessed means happy. It’s an adjective and a declaration. A label. An identity. It’s what every believer can be in Christ. We have the potential to be that flourishing tree. It’s the natural result of rooting ourselves in Him.”

“I am not a naturally happy bubbly person. That’s me without Jesus.”

“I struggled with depression.”

“We have choices to make on how we let our emotions rule us.”

“Even the one who I thought had it all together doesn’t. We are all really good at putting on our spiritual makeup.”

“I was of the camp that Christians shouldn’t pursue happiness. Christians should only pursue joy. You can swap those words. It’s semantics.”

“How the Bible talks about happiness is with plants. It’s happy if it’s growing, flourishing, and bearing fruit. It’s really not about emotions.”

“Happy is the one who is in Christ.”

“We don’t get any new theology or facts in the Psalms. But we are drawn to it because it helps us understand how we can relate to God by admitting our feelings.”

“Hey you covenant people, followers of God, this is who you are. We are all in Christ or not. If you are in Christ you have everything you need to live a Godly life. We all have the same potential, but will we enter into the equation to help bring about our inward identity to become an outward reality.”

As we get closer to God and find out sustenance in Him we flourish. The fruit of the spirit is a delight. There are blessings that come from our obedience.”

“Drawing near is faith. We can see it more when we don’t draw closer. It’s our view of Him. Therefore my actions followed my view of Him.”

“Come to God’s Word to discover who He is. When we see Him for who he really is and who we really are the natural response is to want to draw near to Him.”

“I believe we need to be with the body of believers. But because our experience had been broken it was hard to go.”

“Even when I didn’t feel good, I still had hope because God is in control. He carries you through.”

“We miss the so that’s and therefores. So that God will be glorified we exist for His glory. Look more like Jesus so that He is praised.”

“The end goal of my salvation is not my salvation. The end goal is to worship God with my everyday moments.”

“Surrender is recognizing who God is. Not look at her, but look at what God did through her.”

“Go to God’s word to discover who He is, not what we can get out of it, recognize He is with me, and remember what He has done and what He will do.”

“Hope is a noun. It is something we possess not something we do. Hopelessness is forgetfulness.”

“Being in the Word always brings out the best in me.”

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