Bonus Episode: Consider the Lillies with Shari Rigby

by | Oct 3, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

As women in today’s world, we face extraordinary pressure to pursue a great calling and perform to prove our worth. This pressure breeds anxiety, and we often find ourselves “toiling and spinning,” as Jesus described.

After striving to find purpose in the competitive environment of Hollywood, Shari Rigby reminds us that our purpose and significance have already been spoken by God. Through her devotional Consider the Lilies and in today’s episode, Shari guides us back to the Scriptures to discover the will of God for their lives and remind us of our inherent value.


“When we don’t step out in faith in the small things, look at what we can miss. What if I hadn’t listened to the voice of the Lord and done what He asked me to?”

“I want to bring together women, praise God, and pray.”

“We have to be a voice in a dark place.”

“We all go through these times of toiling and spinning and the Lord wants to remind us how precious we are to Him.”

“He’s planted us to grow and flourish.”

“Lillies are planted deep and they form multiple colonies.”

“We have to be in God’s Word to know who we are and whose we are.”

“Our roots give us the strength to withstand what God has for us.”

“We need to take our shoes off and worship God”

‘Not every good idea is a God idea.”

“We have a tendency to hold on to things with such a tight grip that it can suffocate things God wants for us.”

“What makes us significant is our complete reliance on God.”

Acts 20:24

“The Lord owns everything in my life and I want to serve Him first and foremost with all He has given me.”

“Your purpose is the Lord.”

“Continue to press in and pray.”

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