One Simple Way to Defeat the Enemy Today, to Know That you Matter by Cheri Fletcher

by | Sep 29, 2022 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

She sits on the floor, legs crossed. A toddler hangs over her shoulders, his tiny bare feet using her waistband as a foothold to support his climb.


By now, her coffee is cold, and the one bite she’s taken from her muffin will be the last.


I’m here to lead a Bible study for a group of young moms, and some have their kids with them.


This mom apologizes for her climbing toddler. “I was hoping for a break,” she says, “but I ended up needing to bring him.”


I think back two decades, to when I was in her shoes. I also longed for a break, wanting to be more than a child’s step stool. I dreamed of keeping my clothes spot-free and smelling of perfume — instead of Essence du Pureed Peas.


As I gazed from face to face, I wanted to tell each woman:


See yourself as they see you.


You matter more than you know!


During our discussion of understanding our relevance, one young mom blurted out,


“No one can tell I’ve done anything when I feel like all I’ve done is everything.”


As the other moms nodded, I thought, This is what we all feel — she’s put it into words.


That night, I played the audio recording I’d made (with everyone’s permission) of the Bible study and discussion so I could take notes and plan our next session.


As I listened to the recording, I started noticing all the little voices: happy giggles, requests for attention, and interrupting questions like “What’s dis?”


And then I heard three words that we had all missed at the moment.


“Thank you, Mommy!”


A simple “Thank you” can get lost in the shuffle of everyday life. It’s easy to notice gifts of appreciation, like flowers. And we get excited when we receive public acknowledgment, in the form of comments or shares on social media.


But what about the heartfelt words from a lisping toddler … whose appreciation matters so much more!


The last time someone made a point to thank you, did you receive it? Or were you too caught up in believing that no one could tell you’d “done anything”?


It’s not so much that we dismiss the little thank-yous … it’s that we miss them because they’re so seemingly small.


Ephesians 2:10 tells us that we are a masterpiece. God created us to do the good works he planned for us long ago!


God has a good plan for us, but the enemy plots against it. He tries to discourage us by telling us “You haven’t done anything!”.


The good news is that there’s a simple way to defeat the enemy today, to know that you matter and are doing everything you can.


Pay attention to thank yous!



Thank you from a child given for filling their sippy cup.


Thank you from God in the words of a song or the hummingbird enjoying its feeder.


Thank you from a neighbor for a random act of kindness.


Thank you from your dog with a wag from its tail.


Thank you from a stranger by a nod or smile.


You matter so much, and I pray you will be reminded of that daily.


You matter more than you know!


About the Author:

Cheri Fletcher is a writer, speaker, and host of Your Spiritual Game Plan podcast.

She loves to help others develop a strategy for living out God’s plan for their life because the enemy has a very strategic plot against it. Cheri and her husband Todd are empty nesters and live in Tennessee.

They have three grown children and 1 dog, Libby.

She loves walking, running, and hiking with friends and she will also invite you in for a cup of coffee anytime, no matter what state her kitchen is in!


Connect with Cheri: 









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