Podcast Show Notes S3E13 Featuring Suzanne Eller

Joy can feel elusive when defined by how you feel in a given moment or what your circumstances are at the present. Sometimes joy feels like it can be taken away, even when things are good. During a long season, Suzanne (Suzie) Eller discovered six surprising biblical truths about joy. Those truths helped her see joy and God in a new light. Join us today on the podcast as she shares these same JoyKeeper truths! 

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Podcast Show Notes S3E12 Featuring Kait Warman

Our stories are riddled with the sting of rejection. It’s feeling like a failure or being heartbroken. It’s being left out or misunderstood. It’s the parent who neglected us or the person who betrayed our trust. It’s even in the way we think or talk about ourselves and question our relationship with God. 

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Meaningful Motherhood: Your Small Offering is Enough for a Big Miracle

Life as a mom can feel repetitive. We make meals, clean up after meals, do laundry, run errands, and check homework. If we’re honest, it can feel like we are going through the motions, and it can even (dare I say), feel meaningless. Thankfully, Scripture reveals the truth about these familiar but faulty feelings. In God’s Word, we learn everything we do matters to Him. Even the small and seemingly insignificant. 

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Blog Series: Loving Lenses By Kelly Lester

Have you heard of blue light glasses? They filter out harmful light put off by electronic screens, allowing viewers to see the content minus the harmful light. What if we could look at the world around us and could see what the Lord sees instead of what we see. What if we could look at the world through a different lens, giving us a fresh perspective?

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Podcast Show Notes: S3E11 Featuring Stacey Thacker

Life sometimes brings difficult situations or circumstances that can leave us feeling run-down, drained, worn-out, and threadbare. These are the times we most desperately need prayer, but they can also be the times we simply don’t have the words to form a prayer. That is why Stacey Thacker wrote Threadbare Prayer. Join us as we chat about how the simplest prayers can have great power. 

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S3E10 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Eryn Eddy

Have you ever felt unworthy of love? So Worth Loving clothing brand owner and author Eryn Eddy is on the show today encouraging us to look in, look up, and look out to love ourselves and love others. After today’s episode we hope you believe that no matter what, you are so worth loving! And knowing that truth will change everything. 

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Blog Series: Confrontation as Sanctification by Caitie Fredrickson

My phone buzzes in my hand and my heart begins to pound as I glance down and see the name on the screen. My cheeks flush hot and I feel the adrenaline rising in my chest. I don’t want to have this conversation. Please, not right now. It feels too hard.  My heart aches while hot tears fill my eyes. I close them and whisper, “Lord, give me your strength. Help me stay calm. Show me how to love this person today.”

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S3E9 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Karen Ehman

Have you ever wanted to do something kind for someone, but weren’t sure what to do? Karen Ehman is on the show sharing creative ways to make a difference in the lives of other people. She’s written a devotional titled “Make Their Day” with 101 simple and practical ideas to love others well. 

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