The Generosity Of God

I never truly understood how it is more blessed to give than to receive until I became a wife and mother. Giving gifts, hugs, encouragement, time, and acts of service fill my heart like nothing else I’ve experienced. It seems counterintuitive. You’d think the more you give the emptier you’d feel, but the opposite has proven true for me. I’ve discovered giving is a response to love. Because I love my family, I want to give them all I can so they feel loved.

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S3E1 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Hannah Brencher

Hannah Brencher knows that the clock striking midnight on December 31 isn’t going to magically reset any of our lives. 2021 isn’t the answer. Instead, we need to choose hope over the lies that we’re not good enough. We need to stay in the fight – the fight to show up, the fight to move forward, the fight to believe we can actually change this world for the better.

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S2E52 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Nicole Zasowski

Can giving up what you think you want actually set you free? From Lost to Found (W Publishing, Thomas Nelson) author Nicole Zasowski is on the show today sharing about how through a great season of transition, loss, and pain, she discovered that only empty hands are truly open to receiving transformative grace and that the beauty of being lost lies in the joy of being found.

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The Love Offering Blog Series: Your Presence is a Gift by Mandy Johnson

“I have nothing to offer her.” This thought settled into my mind one dreary, Wednesday afternoon. Sitting in a busy, bustling coffee shop, I listened to a college student spill her heart about a difficult circumstance she was navigating with a friend. I had been mentoring her for months and knew she was feeling off that day. Her tense shoulders and furrowed brow told me she was deeply hurt, and in that moment, my mind went blank. 

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S2E51 Podcast Show Notes: In The Waiting With Jazmin Frank

Most of us are familiar with the struggle of wanting something to happen while waiting for God’s plan to unfold. This gap between what is and what will be is the focus of Jazmin Frank’s Bible study, “In the Waiting.” In this episode, Jazmin explores how we can be active in the present as we hope for the future by examining the examples of beloved Biblical characters. Through their lives, we are reminded of God’s providence and challenged to trust Him no matter the timetable or answer He gives. We hope through this episode you understand it is ok to want, but ultimately that you want God most of all.

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A Weary World Rejoices

As Christians, we want our lives to reflect the Good News and great joy the Bible promises but sometimes I wonder if we are actually experiencing it. Many of us have grown weary—physically, emotionally, and even spiritually. We are weary from the demands, the worries, the expectations, and the fears that exist in our world today. We feel impatient and dissatisfied with our present reality and we long for relief.

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