How NOT to be Passive About Your Purpose!

by | Apr 18, 2021 | Blog Post

When I received an early morning call that my father had just had a heart attack, my own heart was filled with fear. 

Hurriedly dressing and grabbing my car keys, I rushed to see him, my thoughts swirling frantically.

Will he live long enough for me to see him one last time this side of heaven? What was our last interaction? Did I tell him I love him?

Before long, I joined my anxious family members in the hospital waiting room. 

When the doctors finally allowed us into the recovery room, I saw my father.

The strong cornerstone of our family was lying on the bed, his weakened body covered with wires and tubes.

Although his body was still, his eyes were fiery and his mind seemed even more alert than usual.

“I am not in control, God is,” were the first words that came from his mouth. 

I could see the humility in his countenance.

Then, with passion and urgency in his voice, my dad looked intently at each of us and said, “Don’t wait to do the things you know you need to do physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We don’t know when it will be too late.”

By the grace of God, the doctors were able to put a stent in the blocked artery that caused the heart attack, allowing blood to flow through once again.

While I was thankful for my dad’s recovery, I felt like I’d had a sort of heart attack of my own.

Not physically like my dad’s, but spiritually and emotionally. 

As I reflected on my dad’s encouragement to make the most of the time I have on Earth, I realized how complacent I’d become.

This is an excerpt from a devotion I wrote for the Living By Design blog. To discover how to move beyond apathy and complacency continue reading here. 

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