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by | Apr 20, 2021 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Do you like your life story? Undoubtedly there are some good chapters and other chapters we wish we could tear out. Sharon Jaynes is familiar with both. On today’s podcast, she is sharing hard-fought wisdom on how God uses every story for good. Join us to discover how what we consider the worst chapters become some of our favorite chapters.

Topics of Conversation
  • The secret to living a better one story

  • How to view your story through a lens that makes it all worthwhile

  • How sharing your story of past pain and messy mistakes brings healing to the teller and the listener

  • Understand why bad things happen, and how to move forward when they do

  • How to stop picking at emotional scabs and allow the hurt to heal

Sharon Jaynes


“As a young girl I didn’t know what the words meant, but I knew how they made me feel.”

“That difficult chapter has become one of my greatest victories.”

“Jesus did change my life, but I always had to go back home into that environment.”

“Sometimes we can be in the way so much that God can’t do what He needs to do.

“Don’t try to fix everything for your kids. They have to struggle too.”

“None of us are good enough. If that were the case Jesus would’ve had to go to the cross to die for us.”

“I knew if God could forgive him and he was a preacher then he could forgive me too. My dad accepted Christ in the woods of Pennsylvania because of a man I will never know. The difference was the people at our church were not sharing their story.”

“We may never know the impact our love offerings for others until heaven.”

“People are stuck in their bad chapters.”

“We have to decide that we want to get well. We have to decide that we want a different story.”

“It was a lot more comfortable to live in the certainty of the hurt rather than the uncertainty of what it would be like to be well.”

“Our entire Christian faith centers around forgiveness and yet that is one of the most difficult things we have to do as Christians.”

“Forgiveness is not saying what the person did to you does not matter.”

“As long as we stay in shame we will never become love offerings by offering our stories to help someone else.”

“Your story is so powerful that it’s in the same sentence with the blood of the lamb.”

“Would you rather people think well of you or well of Me?”

“We should never have a ministry at the expense of someone else.”

“God comforts us so that we can use that comfort to comfort someone else. He makes us comfort able.”

“He will bring people in our path that we can use our story to help.”

“God is working in the meanwhile, behind the scenes.”

“Make sure you’re looking at your story through the sovereignty of God rather than the selfishness of self.”

“The more I have told my story the less it has bothered me.”

“When you turn it around and use it for good, that changes the end of your story.”

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