Blog Series: Finding New Purpose in Dark Places by Bekah Bowman

I sat in the middle of a staff meeting. My phone vibrated with a text from our sitter. Titus had a seizure. I whispered to a co-worker that I needed to go so I didn’t interrupt the entire group. As soon as I hit the back stairs, I sprinted to my car. I arrived home at the same time as my husband. Seizures weren’t new in our home, but they were worsening. And we finally knew the cause. Our son had been diagnosed with a rare, fatal, genetic disease called Batten just one month before. 

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How To Be A Vessel Of God

Do you ever wonder if who you are and what you have to offer is enough? I certainly do. Even as Christians who know our identity in Christ, it is hard to live like it’s true. We feel inadequate and insecure about our capabilities and gifts. We wonder if our everyday acts of obedience matter at all.

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S3E18 Show Notes: Parenting On Purpose With Amy Carney

We have an over-parenting epidemic in this country. We want to give our children “the best,” but without realizing it, we’re giving too much. Buying too much. Doing too much. Yet we aren’t doing enough of the little things that are most important when it comes to equipping our kids to become capable, confident, and compassionate adults. Amy Carney is on a mission to help moms and dads reclaim leadership, make the tough decisions, and parent today with tomorrow in mind. Tune in to glean wisdom on how to raise your kids without regret. 

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Blog Series: You Are Making An Impact Even When You Can’t See It by Misty McElroy

I struggled to find sleep as the light of an autumn moon slipped through the window blinds after a day of releasing expectations and fighting a vicious head cold. Despite a generous dose of decongestant and a thin layer of lavender-scented vapor rub, the fog in my heart and mind continued to taunt me. I wrestled with discontent in my professional life. I carried questions about faith and my impact for the kingdom of God. And truth be told, it was one of those moods where everything seemed in vain. 

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S3E17 Podcast Show Notes Featuring Meredith Carr

Love can be hard. It doesn’t always look like the fairytales we are led to believe. And yet, here we are trying to navigate our relationships and love as God has commanded us. Meredith Carr is on the show opening up about the hard places to love in marriage and motherhood. We hope at the conclusion of this episode you discover the fairytale ending our hearts actually need and learn to lean on God’s power to love even on the hardest days. 

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Blog Series: Don’t Let The Things, Keep You From The Thing by Rachel Schelb

I’m dyslexic. I switch letters and numbers when trying to spell out loud or input a number into my phone. My eyes frequently skip down to the line below making it necessary for me to reread sentences often so that I comprehend it correctly. Yet, I’m a writer. I have kept a journal since middle school, written blogs off and on since high school, and am working on a book about grief. Writing is my catharsis.

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S3E16 Show Notes Featuring Sharon Jaynes

Do you like your life story? Undoubtedly there are some good chapters and other chapters we wish we could tear out. Sharon Jaynes is familiar with both. On today’s podcast, she is sharing hard-fought wisdom on how God uses every story for good. Join us to discover how what we consider the worst chapters become some of our favorite chapters.

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How NOT to be Passive About Your Purpose!

When I received an early morning call that my father had just had a heart attack, my own heart was filled with fear. Hurriedly dressing and grabbing my car keys, I rushed to see him, my thoughts swirling frantically.  Will he live long enough for me to see him one last time this side of heaven? What was our last interaction? Did I tell him I love him?

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Blog Series: Be Available by Stephanie Englehart

Grief is not something I have spent much of my young adult life thinking about. Although distant relatives have passed, I’ve only had one close friend leave this earth to meet Jesus. At least, until a couple of weeks ago, when another close family friend passed away suddenly. Once my shock subsided, the sting of her death really hit me; tears would come and go as I spoke with the family, and as little things would remind me of her. The more I have processed her death, the more I have been moved to action. 

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Podcast Show Notes S3E15 Featuring Anna Kettle

Do you long to slow down, but struggle to create any margin for rest in your life? Anna Kettle, the author of Sand Between Your Toes, is on the show today sharing practical lifestyle tips to help you discover a slower, simpler, and more soulful life in your everyday life, as you enter into God’s rest. 

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