Blog Series: Be Available by Stephanie Englehart

Grief is not something I have spent much of my young adult life thinking about. Although distant relatives have passed, I’ve only had one close friend leave this earth to meet Jesus. At least, until a couple of weeks ago, when another close family friend passed away suddenly. Once my shock subsided, the sting of her death really hit me; tears would come and go as I spoke with the family, and as little things would remind me of her. The more I have processed her death, the more I have been moved to action. 

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Podcast Show Notes S3E15 Featuring Anna Kettle

Do you long to slow down, but struggle to create any margin for rest in your life? Anna Kettle, the author of Sand Between Your Toes, is on the show today sharing practical lifestyle tips to help you discover a slower, simpler, and more soulful life in your everyday life, as you enter into God’s rest. 

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The Plight and Privilege of Motherhood

What in your life is a plight and privilege? Motherhood is for me. I came to this realization recently. I had dropped my son off at school in the morning, and because of extracurricular activities, he was gone until late in the evening. By the time he returned home, it had been 13 hours since I’d seen him. Every day is not this way, but he’s growing up, and more and more this routine is becoming our new norm.

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Living In Light Of Your Inheritance

Imagine for a moment you receive a sizable inheritance from a rich relative. When you first receive this news you are overjoyed, to say the least. Now you have millions of dollars in the bank at your disposal, but you choose to withdraw only a small amount. Despite the wealth at your fingertips, you are still living like you are poor. You accept and have knowledge of this incredible gift and yet your lifestyle has not changed at all. Why are you not living out of the riches you have been afforded?

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Podcast Show Notes S3E14 Featuring Angela Lawley

There is of course a lot more to charity work than pure numbers. There are people who are living today who without our work would not be alive; there are surgeons practicing across Africa with the skills gained through our program; and families who’ve been given a second chance due to the support offered through our rehab and wheelchair services. Ultimately every one of these numbers is one of those stories. Stories of transformed lives.

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Blog Series: To Cast and To Carry by Jodie Gerling

Winter’s grey light began to sneak through the window as I sat by her crib holding the thermometer in my hand that read 100.2. My husband was preparing to lead worship next door at our church and wasn’t able to help. I’d barely slept, I hadn’t showered or eaten yet, another child was sick in the next room, and now I was worried about my youngest with medical needs. Hot tears welled up because it all felt like more than I could handle.

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The Gift Of Sacrificial Love 

In the writing industry, the chance to pitch an idea to an agent or publisher is difficult to come by. So I was thrilled when I was able to attend a writer’s conference where I was given the rare opportunity to meet with my choice of either an agent or a publisher. After some thought, I chose to meet with an agent. 

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“Follow me, I know the way!” 

“The park closes in ten minutes,” the loudspeaker boomed. We’d ridden everything we wanted except for one last rollercoaster. With a knowing nod, my son and I started the gauntlet from one end of the park to the other. “Follow me, I know the way!” I yelled as I strategically zig-zagged through the crowd, my bag bouncing upon my back. Sweat dripping from our foreheads and gasping for breath, we reached our destination with only a couple of minutes to spare. 

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Open My Eyes: Trusting God When Life Feels Out Of Our Control

My day was not off to a good start. The parts of my routine that typically go smoothly were going awry. I was left scrambling and frustrated trying to solve my current set of problems. And then I received unexpected news that really sent me reeling. I had been on the verge of tears and now I couldn’t hold them back. Not only did my day feel like it was out of control, so did my emotions. 

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