Would You Rather Be Holy Or Look Holy?

I could hardly contain my excitement. My first article for a large online publication had just been released, and I couldn’t wait to see my words in all their pixel glory. With one click of the mouse, my elation quickly turned to disappointment. My piece was published, but my name was not.

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The Love Offering Blog Series: My Mary Poppins by Lauren Rohwer

Not everyone can step into someone else’s life the way Donna did in mine. But oftentimes it’s the small acts of encouragement that can be life-giving to a tired mama. Donna was a living example of a Titus 2 woman and showed me how intentional help and kindness can impact someone’s life forever even if it’s just for a season. In living out her role as an older woman training a younger woman, she affected our family for eternity. When my season of life changes and my kids are grown, I hope I can be a Mary Poppins for a young mom like Donna was to me.

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S2E46 Show Notes With Guest Heather Dixon

How do we find hope when we don’t like our story? Heather Dixon from The Rescued Letters is on the show today sharing about her incurable and terminal genetic disorder she inherited from her mother. Because of her diagnosis she is living more determined than ever before to live like Jesus in every moment and discovering hope despite the story she’s been given. 

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The Love Offering Blog Series: The Caregiver’s Offering by Susan Davidson

It felt like a bad dream the day we were told my husband had Multiple Sclerosis. I questioned God, tried to reason with Him, and cried more tears than I thought was humanly possible. Heartbreakingly, the diagnosis remained the same. I prayed on good days and on bad days. Some days I vowed I would not pray again, but I did. There were days my faith was strong and days my faith was weak. Other days I felt I had no faith at all. There were days when I was boldly confident in the God I serve and other days when I wrestled if there was a God at all.  

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The Love Offering Blog Series: How Small Gifts Can Multiply Into Big by Lynn Cowell

The young girl me believed God’s word, began to listen for and obey His voice. Just as His word says, my life has not been perfect, but it has been fruitful. Today, I am blessed to be an Anna Mae of sorts to many little girls, as I write of the truth of God’s love for them. Anna Mae had no training whatsoever in music. She was simply a woman who loved God and loved kids. I am the woman I am today partly because of her simple love offering. 

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S2E45 Show Notes: Dreaming With God Featuring Tamra Andress

What dream has God given you and what is holding you back from realizing it? Fit In Faith podcast host, Tamra Andress is on the show today propelling us to make our own unique impact. We chat about her story of entrepreneurship and her epiphany moment to make a change to stop pursuing the American Dream and pursue what the Lord had for her instead. 

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The Love Offering Blog Series: Nothing Left to Give by Susan Daugherty 

As the costumed group approached our yard, it was clear that we wouldn’t have enough treats. I scrambled in the front door and up to the kitchen where I dug out the few candy bars from our stash of personal favorites. I ran back and tossed them into the basket, just as a group of 8 or 10 children arrived at the door. Even with the sacrifice of sweets we had hoped to savor later, we barely had enough.

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When You Feel Overwhelmed

I fight back the tears because I should be able to handle all of this. And yet the weight of the responsibilities and the number of items on my to-do list threaten to claim my sanity. Guilt follows the tears because I accepted all of these roles, after all. Most of them I chose and most of them bring me joy. But the sum of them equal pressure that can sometimes be too much.

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Brave Women Series

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