Susan Davidson

It felt like a bad dream the day we were told my husband had Multiple Sclerosis. I questioned God, tried to reason with Him, and cried more tears than I thought was humanly possible. Heartbreakingly, the diagnosis remained the same.

I prayed on good days and on bad days. Some days I vowed I would not pray again, but I did. There were days my faith was strong and days my faith was weak. Other days I felt I had no faith at all. There were days when I was boldly confident in the God I serve and other days when I wrestled if there was a God at all.

Through all the pain, God has taught me many things. One of the things is that prayers aren’t always answered the way you think they will be. My prayer for God to open a door for me to serve others and share the love of Jesus would not come exactly as I had asked for. There would be no overseas mission field, no soup kitchen, no platform on which to speak. Instead, being called to be a caregiver would be my call to ministry.

I’ve realized there are times we are blessed to celebrate great accolades and shining moments while serving God. Other times our most noteworthy moments of service are the times we serve others and no one else sees us at all.

If we “have this mind among yourselves, which is yours in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5 (ESV) it will mean following Him where He leads us, not necessarily where we happily volunteer to go. The highest mountains so often come into our view, but it will be the valleys that He will walk us through.

This concept is displayed when Jesus led the lame man away from the crowd to heal him (Mark 8:23). There was no Facebook selfie. No shiny Instagram story. No confetti flying. He simply healed him and walked away. A man’s life was forever changed with no fanfare at all.

When I let the mind of Christ dwell in me, life changing healing comes to the people I serve too.

It comes through a smile or unexpected laughter.

A favorite meal carried to them in their favorite chair.

Talks that go long into the night.

Cups of coffee shared in the early morning.

When one hand gently touches another.

Hugs while tears flow.

A forgiving heart on bad days.

And as your loved one’s steps begin to slow an amazing thing will happen. You will find God’s strength on the days you thought you could not take another step.

Mercy and grace will pick you back up on the days you fall short.

You will learn God is truly your present help in times of trouble.

That friend that sticks closer than any brother.

You will also discover that you will be able to hold up your head no matter what the diagnosis says.

Because healing will come.

Amazingly, it will come through the small love offerings that come from your ordinary hands and feet. Offerings where the love of Jesus will be quietly, yet beautifully displayed.

About the guest writer:

Susan Davidson is a wife, mother and grandmother. She resides in a small country town surrounded by the mountains in southwest Virginia. She is a devotional writer for her church and Bible Study leader.  She is also a newbie blogger with the motto “we are never too old for God to teach us something new”. Her passion is encouraging others in their walk with God and sharing what she gleans from God’s word. After recently retiring from serving as an Activity Director at a rehabilitation center, she spends her time enjoying the view from her deck, walking her fur baby Mindy, and spending time with her family.

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