Show Notes S5E22: A Little Clothing Goes a Long Way with Katie Lewis

by | May 30, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Dear Mushka is a Nashville-based company that pairs jewelry, apparel, and home goods with scripture. It was started by Katie and her husband Robert in 2014 as a blog that turned into a way to raise extra funds for the adoption of the Lewis’ first child. Since then, the business has allowed the family to bring home three sons through adoption (plus two more children biologically), as well as to donate to many others’ adoptions.


They are on a mission to help women store God’s truths deep in their heart and equip them to share them with those in need. Each Dear Mushka piece reflects scripture and comes paired with a corresponding verse card, thoughtfully designed to share hope and truth in a way that feels authentic, doable, and beautiful. Join us to discover how something as simple as a piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing can go a long way.




“God helped me through it and He’ll do the same for you.”


“We need a tangible reminder to think on God’s word throughout the day and to share His word with others easily.”


“It’s a great way to share the gospel in a very casual, noncommittal way.”


“Our words can only say so much, especially when somebody’s in a really trying time. But God’s word really speaks”


“If we keep our hands open and wait for Him to work expectantly He will.”


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