Show Notes S4E46: A Little Presence Goes a Long Way with Grace P. Cho

by | Nov 15, 2022 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Being human is hard. Being in relationships with other humans is even harder. People are complex and relationships are messy but loving one another well is possible. We can actually grow closer to God and others through the circumstances we’d rather run from.


Grace P. Cho is joining us to talk about her contribution to Come Sit with Me. She along with 25 (in)courage writers help you navigate tough relational tensions by revealing their own hard-fought, grace-filled learning moments.


Whether you’re in the middle of a conflict without resolution or wondering how to enter into a friend’s pain, this book will serve as a gentle guide. Discover how God can work through your disagreements, differences, and discomfort in ways you might never expect through something as simple as your presence.




“Telling our stories empowers us to show up for our lives in our communities.”


“Listening to each other’s stories helps us to stay tender to each other’s humanity.”


“Love is the heart of the matter.”


“How can I show them Jesus and tell them about Jesus?”


“We want to see the evidence of the time we spent with people to assess whether or not it’s been valuable.”


“Because God looks at our time in the scope of eternity no wonder He can be patient with us.”


“God wants to be with us and He wants us to be with Him.”


“What does it look like to live a life that loves God and to be loved by Him? Then it doesn’t become about what I can do for Him.”


“We don’t like being present with ourselves.”


“The best version of ourselves is when we take care of ourselves.”


“What are you feeling?”


“We can be present by asking questions and staying curious about the people in your life. Being curious softens our view of other people rather than being judgemental.”


“Jesus told stories and asked questions. We can do the same.”


“Interruptions can create space to be known.”


“Interruptions can be invitations to be present with each other and experience each other.”


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