S5E7 Show Notes: A Little Touch Goes a Long Way with Leighann McCoy

by | Feb 14, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

There is just something comforting about the touch of a loved one, isn’t there? An encouraging pat on the back, a reassuring squeeze of the hand, a playful rustle of the hair, a quick kiss on the forehead, or a lingering embrace—these kinds of touches can strengthen our connection, soothe our emotions, and communicate understanding without a word. From the moment we are born to the final days of our lives, touch is an integral part of the human experience, impacting our physical, mental, and emotional health.


In today’s episode, Leighann McCoy is joining us to talk about her book Women Touched by Jesus and how He understood the power of touch. Jesus held children, washed feet, and healed the sick through physical touch. Just as He was moved by compassion, compassion can move us to reach out to others too. Your simple, wordless gestures could be exactly what is needed to strengthen a connection, soothe an emotion, communicate without a word, or heal a hurting heart. Does someone need a touch from you today?



“Where do you pour out your worries?”


“God washed our feet with His glory.”


“Family is our primary mission field.”


“Parenting is a privilege, not a chore.”


“I love seeing people grow in realizing they can have a personal relationship with Jesus.”


“Nobody does community like church does.”


“We won’t succeed unless God does it.”


“Anytime we let prayer be a priority we can see the difference. I’m passionate about prayer because it works.”


“When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.”


Francine Rivers


Kristi McClelland


“Jesus loves us and does not take longer to answer than is necessary.”


“Keep crying out to God. If He’s not answered yet, there is a good reason. He’s working all things together.”


“No matter where my life takes me, let it be done to me as you have said.”


“I want to be just as devoted to the Lord at the end of my life as I was at the beginning.”


“I want to give it all.”


“God has a plan and it is good. It’s good because He is good. It’s good for us because He will love us through it.”


Avatar movie


“Everyone is hungry to be seen.”


“We are God’s hands and feet, so when we reach out to touch people it is His touch.”


“Our hearts are knit together in the Lord.”


“People are impacted by prayer. Prayer has no boundaries.”


“Prayer is the easiest way to touch people.”


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