A Ripple of the Heart by Bridget Gengler

by | Feb 16, 2023 | The Love Offering Guest Blog Series

Frightened and alone, I walked onto the plane with an infant and a three-year-old, not knowing what the time away was going to do for us but hoping I would find some solace and comfort. 


For the whole flight, my baby cried. Many passengers tried to help and wanted to advise me on what they felt was best for my baby. 


I was so engulfed in my world that, at times, I felt like a spectator watching this unfold before me rather than an actual part of the event. All these “helpers” did not know what I was going through. They did not realize how broken I was. They saw a young mom of two trying to console her baby and keep her three-year-old entertained.


Did they feel sorry for me?

Were they annoyed?

Did they genuinely want to help?


All I knew was the moment right in front of me, and I physically and emotionally could not handle anything else. My husband had left a month before. It has left my soul broken and my heart hurt. But the two things that kept me moving were those two children.  


When I walked off the plane and into the baggage claim, I fell right into the welcoming arms of my older brother. His home and family would be our refuge and comfort for the next month. 


I was lost. 

I was alone. 

I was defeated. 

I was hurt.

I was broken. 

I was rejected. 

But what happened during that escape changed me. 


The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18


This time away at my brother’s brought renewed faith and trust in the Lord. I spent days praying and reading scripture that gave me hope. Psalm 34:18 gave me an assurance that I was going to be okay. 


This defining moment helped me to see that despite the brokenness, I had so much to offer this world. I have learned that my experiences in life, as difficult as they may be, can touch other lives through the stories of encouragement and hope they provide. 


You may be brokenhearted and lost, but your story may benefit someone else. Even though you may be in moments of brokenness and feel defeated, God is still beside you. He creates a path for you and leads you out of the darkness, and if you put your trust in Him, He will continue to write your story. 


Looking back on it, you will see an incredible story unfolding. It is a story that may bring hope to someone else. In addition, it could create a ripple effect through the years. 


Life is an array of ripple effects where one’s actions and stories can touch the lives of so many. What you may be going through in one moment could spread to help many others who will go through something similar. Our love, empathy, and kindness can create this ripple effect that will ultimately touch many lives. 



So, my friend, your story can spread to many hearts as you walk through this life journey.


About the Author:

Bridget is an Elementary Educator and author of her first children’s book, Hold your head up and Walk with grace. Although she loves teaching young children, her true passion lies in inspiring and encouraging others through her writing. Bridget enjoys peaceful mornings with her journal and a cup of coffee while watching her dog run around the yard. She lives in California with her husband and four children.


Connect with Bridget:

IG @bridgetgengler

Twitter  @BridgetGengler




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