S5E8 Show Notes: A Little Prayer Goes a Long Way with Niki Hardy

by | Feb 21, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

As unfathomable as it may seem, God allows our prayers to impact the world.  We see the significance of prayers offered on behalf of others over and over again in the Bible. Even, Jesus modeled the importance of praying for others when he interceded for his disciples, for children, and for us as future believers (John 17). In fact, Jesus is still interceding for us at the right hand of God, advocating on our behalf (Romans 8:34).


If we know God’s power is infinitely greater than ours, it only makes sense to rely on it, right? So, whether in public or in private, with many words or with few, with eyes closed or with eyes wide open, at morning or at night, we simply must talk to God and leave the results up to him.


Niki Hardy is on the show today sharing her cancer story and the value of prayer to help women cope with the fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Join us to experience God’s peace and provision through a little prayer.



“Surviving was all I was doing.”


“The only bad prayer is the one you don’t pray.”


“Take your emotions to God rather than turning away from Him.”

“I needed to learn to pray honestly.”


“It was as if God kept swinging my prayers around to His will.”


“Underneath it all, God is good even if it doesn’t feel good.”


“I knew I needed to do some of these things, but I didn’t know how.”


“It felt like I was being carried along on a pillow of prayer.”


“Not only do we need to talk to God and ask Him for a request, but we need to take the time to listen to His response.”


“Breath prayer has been the most impactful for me. Breathing in Jesus and breathing out the worry.”



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