S5E5 Show Notes: A Little Celebration Goes a Long Way with Leslie E. Thompson

by | Jan 31, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

Celebration isn’t just reserved for the holidays and big milestone moments of our lives. We can choose to celebrate each moment and view every moment as holy.

Leslie Thompson wanted an everywhere, anytime kind of prayer life. But how does a young mom and entrepreneur add one more thing to days filled with diapers, laundry, client meetings and dinner prep? Leslie needed a little boost – and she found it in a book of prayers which paired perfectly with the ordinary moments of her life.

Today Leslie is a spokesperson for the Every Moment Holy brand. She’s on the show sharing how the prayers in this book have blessed her and how she believes they can do the same for you. Tune in to discover the sacredness of your everyday life. That’s something to celebrate!


“Celebration is a much deeper state of existence that corresponds with joy.”

“What does celebration look like in the midst of waiting and longing?”

“Small moments become moments of celebration when I stop taking them for granted.”

“Can I celebrate this instead of being annoyed by this?”

“Celebrating is a practice.”

“It felt too celebratory during my suffering. To laugh doesn’t mean we forget. Humor can bring us together.”

“Liturgy at its core is the practice of habits that form us.”

“What if there could be a holy purpose to this moment?”

“They give words when I don’t have the words.”

The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence

“God’s right there with you.”

“It’s less about the practice and more about the attitude and posture.”

“Bring sunshine into every room.”

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