S4E39 Show Notes: A Little Patience Goes a Long Way with Brooke McGlothlin 

by | Oct 10, 2023 | The Love Offering Podcast Show Notes

There’s an old joke that says, “Don’t ask God for patience. He’ll answer by testing yours.” But the reality is we are all waiting for something, so we might as well learn to sit patiently.


Brooke McGlothlin from Million Praying Moms is on the show sharing how it’s possible to learn how to wait for God’s perfect timing, even when it seems like we’ve been waiting forever. In today’s episode, she’s sharing insight from her book Everyday Prayers for Patience. The prayers will help you seek God’s heart to discover surer ways to have patience with your children and yourself. Your life and theirs can become beautiful reflections of His great patience with us.



“If you are a believer, you have a seed of the fruit of the Spirit already in you because you got them when you came to Christ. We can mature and grow them.”


“We come to prayer out of obedience. It is something God told us to do. Prayer is about our relationship with our Father.”


“We pray out of desperation. I cried out to the Lord, unlike I had ever done before. I knew where to go to get help.”


“I could not control them like I could control everything else in my life.”


“I started to pray God’s Word back to Him.”


“God turns hearts of stone into hearts of flesh.”


Hebrews 4:12 – “God’s Word is living and active.”


“If women pray God’s Word for their children, it changes their hearts too.”


“I don’t innately like to wait.”


“God uses the waiting to teach us about Him.”

“No is an answer. Wait is an answer.”

“God sees the big picture.”


“We have this false notion that if we pray for patience, God will answer by testing our patience.”


“God does allow difficult circumstances to allow us to trust Him more.”


“He will use our circumstances to pursue us to grow us more into His likeness.”


Hebrews 11


“Many of the faith hall of fame never saw the promise fulfilled of what God had called them to do.”


“Their waiting was for their growth and for His glory.”

“I recognize how much God has been patient with me; therefore, I can be patient with the people in my life. I can offer patience because God has been patient with me.”


“A+B=C. If you change A then C will change. God has changed me, and that has changed the outcome in my home.”


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